Baby on Board

“Baby on board, how I’ve adored” – The B-Sharps

We went to Douglasville, Georgia yesterday (about 15 minutes outside downtown Atlanta) to visit the closest Babies r’ Us and to do a little Christmas shopping at the mall there.  We finally got a stroller and car-seat (with a little help from Kristin on the phone) as well as other items like an additional changing table pad.  We have most of the items we need for the baby (I think …), but we don’t want to get everything because my department at JSU is planning to have a baby shower for us in the next month.  If we get everything we need right now, there will be nothing left on the baby registry list and give others no options for gifts for us.

Last night we went out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant for some chips, salsa, chicken burritos, and some “good cheese” (inside joke between Jet and I).  After we sat down and were given our menus by our server and chips and salsa by the runner, another server came up to us and excitedly shook my hand and said “hello”.  It was a server that Jet and I had a few months ago that remembered us.  It took us by surprise, but confirmed in our minds why we like eating there so much.


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