Spring Has Arrived

 I know, I know, spring doesn’t officially arrive until March 20 (the vernal equinox), but the weather for the past week has just been outstanding.  Sunshine.  80’s.  Birds chirping madly.  Happiness all around.  I even hear that the temperatures have gone up in Milwaukee, but unfortunately only temporarily.  Looking ahead to next week when Janette comes down here, the forecast is now for low 80’s each day.  I hope they bring their shorts and swimsuits!

Jet and I visited an event on Monday known as “Sweet Repeats“, which is something that is put on twice a year to sell new and used baby clothes, toys, strollers, etc.  We picked up several items and, in fact, Jet returned there today (Wednesday) to pick up a few additional goods for Ben, Abbi, and Sam.  Speaking of Ben, Jet had him weighed today and he is now a hefty eleven pounds, eleven ounces, which is still on track for normal growth.  Jet had an appointment scheduled with the skin doctor today since some of her rash and itching have started to come back.  Jet told me that the doctor recommended that we switch cleaning products (soaps, detergents, fabric softener) because that could be causing the irritation.  I hope that does it because it is becoming a major nuisance for Jet once again, although not nearly at the scale it was two months ago after Ben was born.

We will be off to Atlanta again this weekend for another Aussie Rules game.  Jet was thinking of not coming this week, but may change her mind as the weekend approaches.  Jet’s Mom visit to Alabama is again looking promising as Jet mentioned that she may be booking a flight soon to arrive on Tuesday, April 3 and stay here for two weeks.  I hope that she will be able to attend because it will be wonderful to have her here as Dad, Kristin, Josh, Ty, and Sam are visiting as well.

One Response to “Spring Has Arrived”

  1. Sandy K Says:

    You did worse than last year at this time. I turned in a 23:40 for the first run of the season a bit better than I expected and yes the same course as last year and I did see some UWM shirts on some guys but I have no idea if they were your ex teamates. Jet I will be geting your card out to you shortly and Andy there might be a little something in there for you too! Andy can you imagine the peshtigo with all of this snow melting? – good times! Enjoy your company this week and I look forward to hearing about it!

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