They Made It!

After leaving at around 2:00am on Sunday morning, Janette, Jeremy, and Abby made it to our house at 5:30pm Sunday evening.  They would have arrived much sooner, but they were trapped in traffic for two hours in Louisville due to an accident that closed down the freeway.  When they arrived, Linda and Jet had a fine Southern dinner waiting for them.  Abby was quick to venture around our house and get into things she shouldn’t be getting into and Abby’s first exchanges talking back and forth with Ben was priceless.

We had breakfast at the Cracker Barrel this morning (Monday) and already visited Mt. Cheaha for some pictures.  Unfortunately, it was a bit cool that high up and very windy, so it was a short visit.  Right now we are back at home taking a break and ready for lunch while Abby is taking a nap.  This afternoon we will head out to Gadsden to take some good pictures over at Noccalula Falls while tomorrow will be our big day in Atlanta.  I will try to keep everyone posted as things happen and work on sharing pictures as we take them.

3 Responses to “They Made It!”

  1. sweethomealabama Says:

    Janette and Jeremy here.
    We got on their laptop after our hosts went to bed to see if Andy was updating people on our visit. Turns out he is! Funny because we didn’t see him do it. It’s a little weird being part of their blog, makes it official that we’re part of “Sweet Home Alabama” now!
    We had a very LONG drive here with Abby but we’re settling in now. It’s weird seeing all the people in person that we’ve been hearing about for the past year! Ben is adorable and for the most part a very content and happy baby!!! The weather here is just perfect in the mid 70s!!!
    The driving to do things is pretty rough on Abby who probably never wants to see a car seat again, but she does enjoy the stops. The animals and the train at the Falls were pretty exciting for her! Can’t wait to show her the big aquarium in Atlanta tomorrow!!!
    Jeremy couldn’t resist bringing his golf clubs, “just in case,” and Wednesday he and Andy, yes Andy, are going to shoot the holes in a nearby course. This should be interesting since Andy has never golfed….
    All in all, we’re having a great time and it’s a lot of fun to spend time in Andy and Jet’s home….but next time, we fly!

  2. Kristin Says:

    See it’s worth the extra money to be there in 2 hours instead of 15. I knew Jet was exagerating when she said Ben was always up and crying. I can’t wait till its our turn to get down there and enjoy the weather, thunderstorms tonight. I’m really looking forward to the FOOD!!! Can’t wait for the next update.

  3. Sandy Says:

    Glad to see they made it the drive down. Tell them to think of that trip but with dad? Have fun!

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