Last Dance

I got a few moments to write this post while Ben is taking his morning nap.  My class finished late last night (Thursday), but thankfully I had enough time to catch the last bus as well as a good seat with no one sitting next to me.  With the empty seat, I was able to slip off my sandals and get some sleep halfway laying down while occupying both seats.  This is the last few days that I will be spending in Phitsanulok and although I will miss being here, I am looking forward to getting back home.  Jet is off to her baking class this morning where they will be teaching her how to make Thai fried chicken.  Jet asked me if she should skip and I said “no way!”.  I love the way they make fried chicken here in Thailand.  Then again, is there any fried chicken that I haven’t liked?

When Ben wakes up from his nap this afternoon we will be heading out to a nearby resort (about an hour drive away) to relax and spend the evening.  This is the one-night resort that Jet won in a contest a few weeks back that I wrote about.  It turns out that this was a “cutest kid” photo type of competition where family photos were sent in.  Ben ended up winning us second place, so I guess we all have him to thank for our stay at the resort tonight.

I have finally put up some more pictures.  These will likely be the last pictures I post before we return back home.  The first set is from our trip to Chiang Rai and the Golden Triangle a few weeks back.  I love that shot of the “double rainbow” that I took where you can actually see the end of the rainbow, but no pot of gold at the end.  The next set includes all pictures taken since that trip including pictures from Jet’s Mom’s birthday last week Friday and them honoring Jet’s Mom on Mother’s Day this past Tuesday.  Enjoy!


2 Responses to “Last Dance”

  1. Linda & Donald Says:

    I have been looking at Football schedules for Saturday, August 30. It looks as though the best time for a welcome home gathering is 4 pm that afternoon. What do you think?

  2. Janette Says:

    Hi Andy!
    Can hardly believe that you’ll be back in the states in the next couple weeks. There’s definitely a finality to it when you talk about your last trip back by Jet’s home town. It should be interesting for you to have Ben adjust back to our time and his reaction to being back home!
    I can hardly believe that I’m over half way done with my three months off of work or that Kaitlyn is over six weeks old now! The weather seems to have settled down now. There is still a lot of heat here but not the humidity so I’ve been outside with Abby more while the baby sleeps. That saves me a lot of sanity between the two and I’ve finally been able to do my weeding that I kept putting off. The Japaneese beetles around here are just as horrible as last year though. Last year they really went after my rose bushes, this year, a few of my flowering trees. You should see the one in back of my house, it looks like autumn came. The beetles are eating the leaves until they are brown and then fall off the tree. Kaitlyn has been having better sleeping patterns lately but still doesn’t like to sleep laying down. Not sure how I’m going to fix that! We are going to be driving to Iowa City the weekend of Sept. 20th for one of Jeremy’s best friend’s wedding there. We will be taking both kids and Jeremy’s mom & stepdad along to watch the kids each evening. My biggest worry is having Abby in a bed she doesn’t recognize and how to get Kaitlyn to sleep too. I just don’t want them to be a hassel.
    We sold my Ford Contour to someone at Jeremy’s work this last week since he has a company car in the driveway now. I was just glad to get rid of it thanks to Jeremy having used it as his transporation before piled on about 130,000 miles and the past few years have required a lot of maintenance work that costs were piling up on us.
    Well, I haven’t been getting out much lately with the baby at home so there’s not much else to write about right now that I can think of. I’ll talk to you later and enjoy the time you have left there, you know it’s going to fly by!

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