White-Water Rafting

We left for the Wanathara resorton Friday afternoon and we were not disappointed.  The rooms were fantastic and matched those from “The Legend” resort in Chiang Rai.  The difference was that our room was located right next to the Kek river so all evening long we could fall asleep to the sound of the roaring rapids.  We did some walking around the resort area which was very large in size, and it was walking around that I realized that I had actually been here before.  Either four or five years ago during one of my vacations to Thailand with Jet we stopped by this same resort for sightseeing after eating at a nearby restaurant.  In my mind the resort looked so much different as there was a lot of additional growth of the landscape around us and the river was much more veracious than the small trickle that I remembered walking through.  I think I have pictures from that previous visit so I will have to dig those up to see visual evidence of the difference once we get back home.

Looking for something to do on Saturday morning, a few of us were set on doing some mountain biking, but Jet’s cousin Bolly convinced us all to go white-water rafting instead.  I am sure glad we did because that ended up being a highlight of my four-month visit to Thailand.  Since my only rafting experience comes from the five or six years of rafting on the Peshtigo river up in Wisconsin, that is all I have to compare the Kek river rafting too.  The Kek river compared very favorably and was much more enjoyable than rafting up in Wisconsin.  There were several class three, class four, and class five (most challenging) drops that we went through which made the ride very fun.  In fact, in the two hours or so of rafting, it seemed that only about a quarter of that time was spent in “dead” or placid water.  That differed greatly from rafting on the Peshtigo.  With my history of being a “floater”, that is, always finding a way to fall out of the raft almost like an anchor searching for the bottom of a lake, I decided that for all of the class five drops (about four of them) that I would sit in the middle between Jet and her Mom so that I would minimize my chance of falling in.  I am glad I did too because one particular drop we went over Jet almost fell out and I am positive that if I had been sitting in her place that I would have been a floater.  I always knew when Jet’s aunt and cousin (her other cousin named “Kung”) were nervous about an upcoming drop because they would stop paddling and just grab on to the back of my life vest.  If they only knew about my previous history of falling in the drink they might not have been so eager to cling onto me.  But what a blast it was.  And to think, the two-hour tour with two guides in our boat along with snacks, drinks, and a CD with pictures of our trip all for about $15 per person.  What a bargain!

I would have loved that to have been my final memories of Phitsanulok during this summer, but unfortunately they were not.  Ben woke up with a fever again on Saturday night and was not doing any better Sunday morning so we stopped by the clinic to have him checked out.  He didn’t want to eat much (particularly crackers or any “hard” chewing snacks) so I figured it could be Ben teething again.  The doctor ended up giving Ben a shot and three different liquid medicines for us to give him.  Getting Ben to take any medicine is not any fun.  It was so bad this time that when you would pin him down and get his mouth open to give Ben a spoonful, he would gag on it and actually throw-up some of the little food that he had eaten.  For lunch, we went to the shopping mall in Phitsanulok to meet up with Jet’s relatives and have pizza (Jet had the taste for it).  Unfortunately, Ben seemed only to be getting worse as he was just burning up and only wanted to lay his head on your shoulder as you held him, and he didn’t want to be put down.  Poor little guy.  When we got back home we cooled him off as best we could and Ben ended up taking a three-hour nap with me, which was good as his body surely needed the rest.  His temperature ran up again in the evening, but by the time I put him to bed (9:00pm) he seemed back to normal and had me feeling much better about leaving back to Bangkok on the 10:45pm bus.  I have spoken to Jet a couple times briefly this morning, but apparently Ben is not over the fever yet.  I guess he was burning up pretty good again last night after I left so they took him to the hospital and gave Ben some medicine where he would not be able to “spit it up”, if you know what I mean.  Poor little guy.  He was still running a temperature this morning so Jet took him again to the doctor clinic to be checked out.  Though Ben had a temperature, he was playing around at the clinic, which was something that the doctor noted was good.  The doctor’s biggest concern right now is whether he contracted anything from a mosquito or something of that nature, but the good news is that playing around like Ben was does not match the symptoms for something more serious.  I just hope Ben gets over this soon as it is weighing pretty heavy on my mind right now.  If there is anything that is good to be said about this is at least this fever happened this week instead of next week because exactly one week from now we will be on a plane bound for home.  I am not sure what we would do if Ben was still sick.  Hopefully we won’t have to find out.


4 Responses to “White-Water Rafting”

  1. Linda & Donald Says:

    I got your shopping list this morning. Sure hope Ben is well by now. The rafting looked like more fun than anything you have done since you’ve been gone. I’m glad you had the opportunity to have some fun, since most of your vacation has been work.

  2. Anita Says:

    Great pictures! I hope Ben gets better….say Hello to Jet. Have a safe trip home. Anita

  3. Jenny Says:

    Hey is Dad going to the race this weekend at the Milwaukee Mile? Kennesth and Busch are going there for the Gonverner race.
    Someone here at work is selling them for $20 a piece for they can’t go. It is 2 tickets. Email me mtjjolson@hotmail.com if I should get them for him and someone else can go.

  4. Kristin Says:

    Hello, only one more week and you are on your way home. I’m sure you have mixed emotions. First I’m sure you will be glad to get back and see everyone, sleep in your own bed and eat some home cooked food. But I’m also sure you will be sad to leave Jet’s family behind, as well as the people you have met. Being the selfish person that I am I can’t wait till you get home.
    Things are going good over here. Sam is also a little under the weather. She has had a stuffy nose that turned into a congested cough and now today has turned into a constant runny nose. What can I say, she hasn’t been sick in quite awhile so I guess she is due. Speaking of Sam she seems to have developed a kind of odd habit. Here’s an example “Mom where is my hokey, hokey cup”, or “My hokey, hokey tummy hurts”, or “where is my hokey, hokey moose?” I don’t know why this has happened. When I ask her what is a hokey, hokey cup, she looks at me like I am crazy and says “my cup”. Ty seems to think that this addition to Sam’s language is perfectly normal and makes sence to him, imagine that. We’ll have to see how long this last.
    Ty is doing great. He is very excited for school to start. He will be starting soccer in the fall, hopefully that goes better than t-ball (we all remember those stories). Ty is getting very good at riding his 2 wheel bike. He has started showing off by swerving back and forth, and racing with Josh. Too bad the gravel on the side of the road gave way when he tried to turn. He took his first good wipe out of the year. Five bandaides later and all was good. Yesterday he tried heelies, four band aides later we put those away till next year.
    Josh is dreading the start of school. Any day that he has to get up before 9am is a struggle. Then he won’t be able to play on the computer, with his friends or watch T.V. whenever he wants. Too have the problems of an 8 year old again. He is going to a birthday party tomorrow that will consist of activities during the day and camping out overnight. Josh’s first question, “Why do we have to camp outside? Why can’t we sleep inside?” Josh has only had one successful sleepover in his short life, the rest have resulted in Josh coming home early (he would stay till it was time to go to sleep). Keep you posted on how that turns out. He will also be starting soccer soon.
    Bryon and I are getting ready for our trip to Vegas. It just dawned on me that we will be gone for all the 105th festivities. Sandy, Matt, Maggie and Adam are all helping us out with the kids, maybe they will get to see some bikes. I know that they are going to the cottage on Sunday with the boys. Sam will be staying with Will and Irene the whole time. I am excited about going on the trip, but sad to leave the kids.
    Sandy and I are still trying to get some practice in for the Firefighter Combat Challenge which is approaching fast. With the kids, getting their back to school supplies, our vegas stuff, working and everything else that needs to be done on a regular basis, there doesn’t seem to be much time for training. It will be on September 12& 13th at Koenkel park in Greenfield again. Sandy hasn’t had had much time to practice lately either, she just got back from Alaska and is leaving for Bristol with dad to watch the races (to answer your question Jenny). By the time she gets back its time for me to leave. Oh well, we’ll do our best.
    Speaking of Dad I haven’t heard from him in days. I figured he would call at least every other day to make sure we weren’t messing with his house. He only called when he got there and then a couple days later to remind me to take something out of the fridge. I’m sure he has to be on his way back with Auntie Rosie by now. Hopefully I hear from him soon.
    Well that is all for now. I am at work and want to get this finished before a run comes in. Take care and I hope to hear from you soon. Tell Jet I miss her (not as much as Ty) and I hope Ben is getting better fast so he can enjoy his last week there.

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