5 Days Left!

Only five more days left.  Ben started getting better yesterday (Tuesday) morning and this morning Jet has reported that he is as much of a handful as he was before he had his fever.  Let’s just hope that is the last of this for the next few weeks.  I just wonder how we will be able to manage Ben on the long flights back home.  Wish us luck!

Something I forgot to mention in my last post is that after a week of terrible weather, things have rebounded quite nicely and the weather has been spectacular.  Great weather for our weekend resort trip.  Great weather since I have been back here in Bangkok.  It is really amazing how a change in the weather can just bring your spirits up.

Not much to report on here.  Jet and the gang will be arriving in Bangkok tomorrow and I plan on joining them on Saturday after I had a chance to grade final exams and submit final grades on Friday.  I think we will be fine with our packing, but we will see.  When we arrived, we were allowed to have up to 70 pounds per bag of luggage.  That is now 50 pounds.  With this change, Jet is a bit sad because she likely will not be able to bring back all of the Thai canned goods and other snacks (small, but heavy) that she usually brings back from her trips to Thailand.  I have told her that it is not that big a deal because she can get the same stuff at any international grocery store in Atlanta.  Not much planned otherwise.  I hope to visit a shopping mall with Jet over the weekend so I can get any last-minute purchases done, but nothing too exciting.

As an aside, I have been talking to Dad over the past few weeks about him coming back for the third year in a row for the fall Talladega races.  At first he said that he might be busy, perhaps suggesting that airfares are too high – that should not concern him as we always pick up the tab for him and flights are only a few bucks more expensive than last year.  Then, he said that he might like to drive and was going to see if anyone else wanted to come along.  I guess all the driving he is doing right now to Colorado has taken the wind out of his driving sails as he now says flying down would be fine.  So I have booked Dad’s flight for the races, but again he will need rides to/from the airport.  His flight will be leaving Milwaukee on Wednesday, October 1 at 8:24am and will arrive back in Milwaukee on Wednesday, October 8 at 12:50pm.


One Response to “5 Days Left!”

  1. Aunt Sue Says:

    Hello Andy and Jet, I have enjoyed reading about all the travels and experiences in Thailand. Wishing you a safe trip home. I had a meeting yesterday with one of the sales managers from the Asia Region who is in town for the 105th. There is a group from Asia that is flying into chicago, coming to Milwaukee to pick up bikes then riding out to Sturgis just to turn around and ride back to Milwaukee with one of the many rides coming into town. We spoke of the potential police order for the security for the Royal family of Thailand and about the dealer who is in Bangkok. In your travels did you see the Harley dealer or did you see anyone riding a harley? He talked of families that drive around on motor scooters, as many as 5 on one scooter.
    Kristin, thanks for the info on the games on the 12th and 13th. I will make it a point to get over there to watch again. A couple of saturday’s ago we had a block party and the North shore FD came with a truck. they gave us a demo of stuff they do, so naturally I asked if they knew any Milw FF’s, namely you or Sandy. One thought they might know you. Jeff and I asked them lots of questions, fire related and then of course harley related. Always trying to make a sale 🙂 Two of them rode harleys. The one guy said he was in the games last year and will be there again this year. So I will look for him also. I think his name was Tim Keller.
    Well the 105th stuff has begun, we have gotten our parking restrictions as next week they will be blocking off Highland for the block party on Wed and then all the stuff that will be here in the parking lots of Thursday and Friday. There will also be lots of activities relating to police as we celebrate 100 years of police business. May be working some events at State Fair next week for the cop stuff.
    Boy did the Packers play bad last weekend. Hope things get better. Have been watching the Olympics. Did you know the Slovaks have won 4 medals. 3 gold and 1 silver, Kayak and womens trap. Go Slovaks!!
    Well must get back to work. I will wait until your dad gets back from Tennessee to see how the Colorado trip and wedding went.
    Have a safe trip home and glad Ben is feeling better. HI JET!

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