Signing Out

Since I will likely not have Internet access after today, this may be my last post before I return back to the US.  Again, nothing too exciting to report on.  On Wednesday evening, Father Joesph (Vietnamese) took me out to eat some Thai food for dinner which was very kind of him.  I was up until the early hours this morning finishing grading the final exam for my students and completing all of the paperwork that goes with turning in their final grades.  Unlike at UWM and JSU, there is nothing that you submit electronically for grades, just two forms to complete.  The first form is a class list with spaces to fill in scores for the exams taken and assignments as well as what each student’s final grade was.  The other sheet is used (I think) to judge how you graded the class; it requires you to indicated your grading criteria (e.g., 92.50 – 100 = A, etc.), how many students received each grade, then a calculation to complete to judge the average score for the class (e.g., 4.0 = A, etc.).  They have a recommendation that the class average should be “between 3.2 – 3.6”, which I recall I was over for my executive MBA students.  I had one student that only showed up for two classes (F) and two others that did poorly on their exams (C-) which brought my overall class average down to 3.49.  The rest of my students did quite well (3 B’s, 6 B+’s, 4 A-‘s, 9 A’s).  Today I am just finishing up the last details for my first two weeks of class at JSU.  That has been where I have spent most of my efforts this week, getting those first two weeks ready.  I figure that will allow me some flexibility in case the jet lag takes a big hit on me once I return.

Tonight Father Bipin (Indian) will take me out to eat for some Indian food for dinner, which again, is a nice gesture.  I gave him my lovely ironing board to have, but he said that he will just use it until I return next year.  Don’t worry, although I have been given several offers, I haven’t committed to coming back to Thailand next year.  That decision likely would not be made until after the new year.  Tomorrow morning I will be leaving ABAC for good and I will meet up with Jet and the gang.  We are planning to have lunch with Jet’s uncle (President of MFLU) and dinner with Jet’s relatives – the one that just had the wedding last month.  Sunday is wide open, but Sup said that he wanted to take us all out for lunch or dinner before we left.  Our plane leaves early (around 8:00am) on Monday morning, so that will end our travels here in Thailand.  Our plane will arrive late on Monday night in Atlanta (around 9:00pm), so it will be a long day ahead of us on Monday; a 2 hour flight to Hong Kong, a 13 hour flight to LA, and a 5 hour flight to Atlanta.  It is interesting that a tropical storm is about to hit Hong Kong and a tropical storm may track towards Atlanta in the coming days.  I just hope that doesn’t mess with our arrival time.

I already have a busy week planned next week.  I have a picture scheduled to be taken for being awarded “teacher of the year” in May from the Arts and Sciences College.  I guess that picture will hang outside of the dean’s office.  I hope that I am able to keep my eyes open.  Tuesday evening will be the annual dinner for faculty at the President’s house, which should be a lot of fun.  All morning Wednesday I will be doing advisement for CS/CIS students that want to register for classes for this coming semester (help them pick out what classes to take).  Thursday I have my first class at 12:45pm.  Friday I am planning to meet with Oxford High School (has yet to be confirmed), which is another partnership that I have been trying to work on while away here in Thailand.  This meeting will be in addition to all of the other informal meetings that I will have to get things moving on partnership opportunities between JSU and Thai universities.  I finally have a break in the action on Saturday as Jet and I will look forward to the “Welcome Home” gathering of all our neighbors planned by Donald and Linda at 4:00pm.  So the first few days back will just be a whirlwind of activity.  Some advice I got from one of my colleagues that has returned twice from Asia in the past few months is to try and stay awake during “normal” hours once I get back as it should help with the jet lag.  I suspect that I will need all of the help I can get.

We are all looking forward to being back home!  See you soon!


3 Responses to “Signing Out”

  1. Lou Says:

    I hope you all have a good flight. When are you coming home to WI next? Its been too long. I think next summer you should get reacquainted with festivals, brats and more festivals. : )

  2. Kristin Says:

    It is Sandy here! Hope you guys have a safe and uneventful flight. Congrats on your teacher of the year! I do not know if you mentioned that before but nice job! Dad and I had fun in Bristol. Dad mentioned every ten minutes or so how Kentuckey and Tenn. looked like Alabama! Then he would change to “This looks like Colorado!” Then on the way to the race track he reckoned how it looked similar to the roads on the way to your house. I guess I will have to take his word on that. We had great seats at Bristol. It is kind of like a football stadium because you could see everything in the race track. Dad was in his element with all the other race car fans on the bus with one guy making the comment “Your dad sure knows a lot about racing!” So dad does thank everyone for the tickets and I am so glad I got to go along and enjoy it with him.
    Can’t wait to hear from you back in Alabama!

  3. Janette Says:

    I hope your flight went well and that you are all now getting some needed rest back in Bama! Write when you get a chance so we know you all survived the grueling trip back!

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