Safe, Sound, Home

We made it back just fine last night after a long day of flights.  The only snag we hit in our travels was a 30 minute delay in our flight from LA to Atlanta due to the heavy rains in Georgia.  Ben was a trooper again, but he did have his moments when he wanted to complain (cry) because he didn’t want to sleep.  Those moments were few and far between.  In fact, Ben slept for the entire 4+ hour flight from LA to Atlanta.  Our Wisconsin neighbor Dan was there waiting for us to take us back to Alabama and after about an hour and a half drive in the rain, we were finally back home … about 11:30pm.  And guess who was waiting there for us … Donald and Linda.  They had the house air conditioned, vacuumed, and all set for us to move back into.  Linda even had a full, hot meal waiting for us in a crock-pot with cornbread and a very large apple pie from Cracker Barrel.  How’s that for a “welcome home”?  I bet it would be hard to beat because it was surely appreciated after such a long day of traveling.  And Donald, Linda, and Dan didn’t mind that we were all smelly and sweaty either.  What great neighbors and even better friends to have.

I went to bed shortly after midnight last night while Jet kept Ben up a little longer and did some unpacking.  I tried to stay up for as long as I could on the flights back so that I could help minimize the jet lag, but I still found myself up wide-awake at about 4:00am this morning and as it is now 10:00am, I feel as if I just hit a wall.  Good thing a brought a couple of Coke’s with me.  I might even try a sip of coffee to keep me awake as well.


4 Responses to “Safe, Sound, Home”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Happy to hear that you arrived home safely!! How does it feels? Have you even gone through half of your mail yet?
    Everything is going well up here.
    Jenna is getting bigger and has officially found her laugh. I had her giggling for a good 5 minutes. And it was ok that she peed her pants.
    Taylor is on her 7th grade softball team! Do not know what postion she is going to be yet but compared to a lot of the other girls on the team, she has got an arm and can swing good. We are going to hit the batting cages this week so she can even get better.
    As a last note, who is going to the cottage this Sunday?
    Mark is putting up a storage shed this Saturday with his friend and I just was seeing if anyone is going.

  2. Jet Says:


    Where is Jenna’s picture?? I can’t wait to see her and Kathlyn in Nov.

    Love, Jet

  3. Kristin Says:

    Hello, welcome home. How are you guys doing adjusting to the time change? Is Ben happy to be home? Nothing really going on here. Bryon and I are getting ready to go to Vegas on Friday. I’m excited to go, but sad to leave the kids. I know they will be in good hands though. Sandy and Matt will be taking the kids to the cottage on Sunday (Jenny), hopefully they will get oin some fishing. Friday morning they go to school to meet their teachers, drop off school supplies and have their pictures taken. Then we will probabily take them out to eat before dropping them off at grandma and grandpa’s.
    Oh well nothing else new to report, I’ll write again after we get back.

  4. Jenny Says:

    Jet, I can’t find your address.
    Send it too me. I will send you an updated picture.

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