I think that we are just about over the jet lag, but we still get tired at around 6:00pm and have been heading for bed early at 8:00pm – 9:00pm every night. I think that will gradually get later and later every day. Jet took Ben to the doctor for his 18 month shot on Friday morning and his pediatrician noticed that he had a fever (101 degrees), so that concerned her enough to postpone giving him the shot. While checking Ben’s blood, she also noticed that his iron level was low (anemic), which concerned her as it was also low before we left for Thailand. Ben’s pediatrician didn’t know if was low because of something genetic or because of something else, so she told Jet to take him to the hospital to have his blood drawn for tests. Jet did all of this on her own as I suspected it would be a routine visit, and from Jet’s reports at the hospital, I would have had a tough time there. The nurse that drew Ben’s blood appeared to be new as she stuck Ben in the arm and couldn’t find the vein, so she just wiggled and circled the needle around while still in his arm until she hit it. All the while Ben was in absolute agony, so much so that Jet said that he “dropped a deuce” in the middle of all of Ben’s screaming and crying. Poor little guy. While Jet was enduring all of this with Ben, I spent the morning picking weeds and cutting the grass. Although I was able to pick six plastic grocery bags full of weeds (a whole lot), our grass, in general, was in great shape. Our lawn was thick and green as Donald had given it fertilizer a few times while we were away and Brandan (neighbor kid from Wisconsin) had regularly cut it.  We also had much more rain this summer here in Alabama than last summer, so that really helped out our lawn as well.  By the afternoon, Ben’s fever started to take hold of him as he was just in sad condition, not wanting to eat and only wanting to be held by Jet.  Before we left for Alabama, one of our neighbors had given us a plastic sand box to have, which I filled up on Friday afternoon with sand left over from Buddy’s new house that is currently being built.  Ben was in such pain that he didn’t want to try out his new sand box at all. 

We had planned on going to Atlanta on Saturday morning because I had an Aussie Rules practice and it also would have given us a chance to stock up with some Asian groceries, but Ben had an awful night as his fever was high and he just had a hard time sleeping in bed with us – which meant that we had a hard time sleeping.  Jet took the worst of it, though, as every time I would try to hold him, he would just cry for “Mae” or mommy.  All of this while Jet was still feeling sluggish with a cold made it extra hard on her.  I decided to go to Atlanta alone while Jet took care of Ben at home, something that I got an earful from Linda from after I got back.  The practice was good as I had a chance to do a lot of running and kicking the footy around.  I knew that it was a good workout as even though I have been running quite a bit over the last few weeks, my legs felt sore that afternoon.  I stopped at the Asian store after practice and chatted with Jet over the phone to get everything that she needed.  One of the real important reasons for me going to Atlanta was to pick up rice and a new rice cooker as Jet gave our old one away to one of her friends before we left for Thailand.  Our old rice cooker had been with us for probably about five years and had been used very heavily, so we needed to get a new one and giving our old one away certainly gave us incentive to just that.  I also picked up a few other goodies while at the store, including several snacks that Ben loved eating back in Thailand, so hopefully that will be something that he will enjoy.

I got back home from Atlanta at around 2:00pm, which was just over an hour before the “welcome home” gathering that Donald and Linda threw for us.  I was surprised at how well planned this event was as it ended up being close to one of our usual neighborhood gatherings as quite a few people showed up.  There was a lot of food to eat (sandwiches, potato salad, chips, etc.) and a few tasty desserts (cheesecake, coconut cake) that was perfect for a get-together on a warm afternoon (mid 90’s).  We were also surprised at how many kids were there (probably around a dozen) that were playing around in the front of Donald and Linda’s house, which Ben enjoyed watching, and before long, he wanted to join in.  That was a good sign because until that point, Ben just didn’t feel like eating.  After playing and running around for about a half hour, Ben was eating normally again.  We ended up packing things up at around 6:30pm so that everyone had a chance to get back home and watch the Alabama game.  I ended up just taking all of the tables and chairs and bringing them over to our garage as we will be having another neighborhood gathering (“Greystone Gathering”) next week Saturday morning at 9:30am.  We decided to schedule this gathering early again so that everyone would have a chance to stop by and relax before all of the football action.  But to get back to yesterday’s gathering, we greatly appreciate Donald and Linda throwing this party for us to welcome us back home.  As seamless as the party went, it surely meant that a lot of planning and effort went into putting it on, we are just thankful to have such caring neighbors.  I am beginning to think that having these parties might just be a way that Linda is trying to “fatten me back up” as I the first question I still get from everyone back here in Alabama is “Have you lost weight?”.  I now weigh 168 pounds, which is something that I haven’t last weighed since my senior year in high school (13 years ago … yikes!), but I feel great and I haven’t been starving myself.  Well, I can easily see myself packing on the pounds again if I keep getting coconut-themed desserts set in front of me.

The Alabama game was great to watch last night – at least until I fell asleep at around 9:00pm or just after halftime.  Ben and Jet went out a few minutes ahead of me.  Ben’s fever returned, but the toughest part of the night was just giving him Tylenol and Motrin to keep his fever down.  Ben didn’t have as rough a night as he had the night before, so I hope that is a good sign that the worst is over.  Knock on wood.  Today (Sunday) would be the third day of his fever, so if it goes as all of the other times he has had his fever, it should be ending today.  If there is anything good to say about Ben’s condition it is that at least he was not like this during our flight back home.  The weekend before our trip he had a fever and now the weekend after he has a fever. 

Not much planned for today and tomorrow for us, though.  No big plans, that is.  Jet has applied to several different jobs over the past week so we hope something will turn out for her there.  One of the jobs that she applied for is at the Anniston Army Depot for the secretary to the commander, who actually just lives a few houses down from us.  We haven’t met the commander yet, but we hope that she will turn up at the gathering next weekend.  I don’t think that knowing the commander will help Jet get the job, but I don’t think that it would hurt.  I’ll keep you updated on how the job hunt progresses.


5 Responses to “Feverish”

  1. Lou Says:

    I hope Ben feels better soon, poor little guy. Happy Labor Day Eve! I do not think Adam and I will be going up to the cottage becasue were are going to his parents cabin, way NW. From what I can gather it will be a poor Ciganek turn out this year. I am going to regret missing the good food.
    Has anyone told you guys that an Asian Market opened right by us on silverspring and pilgrim and interestingly engouh Dr. J’s new office is in the same strip mall. I have not been to it yet but I have been meaning to check it out. Oh yes, Jet I was going to tell you to try the ceral strawberry chex, I think you would like it.
    Keep us updated on when your are comming to visit next. Hopefully sooner that later.
    Have a good holiday

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Hello Ciganek Family,
    No, we did not go to the cottage today. A. Scott is on call and he got called into a Pick N Save in Kenosha at 8am and B. I would rather feel sick at my own home. So, hopefully next year we will be able to make it instead. I guess dad will probably have found a different horeshoe partner than Scott this year. (Not that they made the winners bracket last year anyway.) But it is always fun for all of us – next year, right?
    Sorry to hear about Ben and his fever again. Ben should definitely NOT get any immunizations while he has a fever. His body is already fighting something, so there is a much higher potential for a bad reaction to the shot. (Which by the way, forces your body to fight off the stuff that it has been injected with – which ends up producing an immunity to it.)
    Also, I would do a little googling on ways to increase iron absorbtion in his foods. For example, giving him red meat with orange juice – the vit C helps his body to better use the iron. I would definitely NOT try the iron drops. When Jake was a toddler we went through the low iron stuff with him. Yes, it is torture for mom to watch as they try to get a sufficient amount of blood to do that test. We tried the drops with Jake, but we almost never got him to take them. If you try them, you would definitely know why.
    As a side note, a fever is most often a good thing unless it gets too high. At Ben’s age I can’t remember what too high is. Kristin or Janette probably could tell you. It is the bodie’s natural response to killing off germs. I personally save the Tylenol and Motrin for bedtime or when the fever is too high. So, during the day, I try to make them as comfortable as possible so that their body can successfully kill off the germs. Also, new research has been pointing in the direction that the fever actually causes the body to release calcium which in turn kills the germs. To help, you could give Ben steamed Broccoli (great source of Calcium) or even some chewable calcium tablets for kids.
    Just my thoughts, obviously take it or leave it.
    Love you guys!

  3. Jenny Says:

    I hope Ben is doing better. I brought Jenna to the cottage. She was very hot! She did not eat a lot but was all smiles. Maggie also discovered that she has a birth mark on the back of her neck just like she does. I did not know that. I thought it was just a mark from her holding her head up. Everyone did agree that she looks like her dad. But I am glad she has little things about her that still shows she is a Ciganek.
    Jenna also has a small birth mark on her back. I have mine on my hip. I think we all have a small one somewhere.
    Since Kristin was not there I will tell the Ty story.
    I had a wter bottle while I was sitting inside the cottege with Jenna and was putting it on Jennas neck cooling her down. Ty say this and wanted on himself. I told him there was more outside in the coolers so he went to get one. He came back with a smile on his face. “Why are you smiling Ty?” He proudly explained how he put the water bottle down his pants and walked inside with it there. The he asked if I wanted to see and he said that he would do it again.
    I told him not necessary, I believe him.
    Watch out when that boy grows up!

  4. Lou Says:

    Thats funny you say that Jenny, Sandy and I were sitting by the fire and we saw Ty put it down his pants and wondered what he was doing.

  5. Janette Says:

    Hi all!
    Sorry I missed your call on Friday Jet! Jeremy’s phone is one step away from garbage and he keeps switching our batteries so I think he forgot to turn my phone back on this last time. I only noticed this evening that it was off! I’ll get back to you when I get the chance!
    I took Kaitlyn for her 2 month appointment today. She is 13.3 lbs. and 24 1/2 inches and in great health! It’s funny that Jenny says that comment about the birth mark on the back of Jenna’s head/neck, because the doctor told me the same thing today about Katie! I thought it was from just holding her but he said it was a birthmark. She also has a small one on one of her eyelids. She also has a “droppy eye” (there was a technical name for it but that is what he also called it). Her right eye is a smidge lower than the left–if he hadn’t said something I never would have been able to tell and I see her eyes every day looking at me. Apparently this is genetic so unless someone pipes up and says any of their kids has this, I’m going to assume that it’s from Jeremy’s side of the family.
    We had Jeremy’s mom over on Sunday, what prevented us from going to the cottage, but from the sound of it, I should be glad to have been in air conditioning for the day instead. Jeremy’s mom is going to be coming out to our house to stay while we go to Iowa City for his best friend’s wedding. I’m mostly worried that she’s going to have trouble waking up at night when Kaitlyn wakes up to eat. Plus she’s never had to watch two kids before so it should be a nice challenge. I think Jeremy’s stepdad will be staying over also, I hope so for their sake or it’s going to be a long weekend. This all takes place the third weekend of this month so I have a little planning to do yet. Originally they were all just going to come with us, but Jeremy and I realized it would just be easier to leave them at home.
    Well, have a good day and let us know how school is going!

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