Hurricane Shelter

With the passing of Gustav over the past few days, the only impact it had on us was bringing us a few clouds with a nice breeze … needless to say, the very outer bands of the storm was the only thing to reach us.  Many of the churches around us have set-up evacuee shelters and there are signs posted on the freeway and elsewhere around town directing the affected to these shelters.  It does appear that it will be a busy hurricane season with the different storms on the move.

Right on schedule, Ben’s fever left after around two and a half days.  The challenge we face now is getting Ben on a routine schedule again.  Jet is trying to bring him to one nap a day, but that has been very tough and now it seems that we get lucky when he takes any sleep at all.  We try putting Ben in his crib to sleep, but after a few minutes of crying, Jet has broken down and tried getting him to sleep with her in our bed.  Ben’s cries are just a bit much for her.  Another thing that is new is that Ben is getting a bit “needy” and “clingy”, always wanting to be around Jet.  In fact, Ben will throw a fit if I try to take him away from her.  That might just be a phase that he is working through.

Jet went off to the YMCA today for the first time since being back and it appears that Ben did well with the babysitter at the Y since I didn’t hear any bad reports from Jet.  Jet will be starting back at work at the Olive Garden on Saturday and Sunday this week.  I think that she should wait a little longer before starting back, but you know Jet.  Once she sets her mind on something, it is hard to turn her away.  Working is something that she enjoys too, so I can understand her wanting to be back busy doing that.  Jet is still applying for other, better jobs, though, so wish her luck with that.


2 Responses to “Hurricane Shelter”

  1. Jenny Says:

    I just wanted to send out a heads up. I might have signed most of you up to try and receive some free Similac formula and coupons. If you get them they are for me. If you get the coupns can you please send them to me, the formula cans I am still working on a date in early October where we are going to go to town and the zoo so I will be able to pick them up. It will also be time to give Sandy the swing back, as long as Matt does not get rid of that. Janette, I have Eimfil, however you spell that, coupons, you want those?
    And Sandy, did Matt toss that small box of maternity clothes also?
    Thank you!!!

  2. Janette Says:

    Hi all!
    Yes, Jenny, I would still want the Enfamil coupons. Am I to be expecting Similac coupons??
    I have to say Andy the the one thing I miss about you being in Thailand is that I could expect nice, long messages from you at least every other day! I know, you’re busy with school!
    Talk to you later!

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