(Still) Got Gas?

In one week Dad will be here and all of the excitement that comes with it (e.g., race weekend, Wisconsin food, Dad’s antics, etc.).  I am trying to keep my head afloat, but that has been hard to do with all of the additional committees and responsibilities I have been given here at JSU since coming back from Thailand.  I guess that just comes from raising my hand one too many times or simply not saying “no” often enough.  We are still out of gas at many stations around the area.  In fact, they had reports from Anniston, Oxford, and Jacksonville on CNN showing stations that were out of gas.  The lovely thing about all of this is that nobody seems to know why we are out of gas, but that we are, and the gas that we can get, is at nearly $4 a gallon.  Hopefully this all clears by next week as we will have a lot of extra travelers (and demand for gas) in the area for the races.

We did meet up with our friends in north Atlanta for lunch on Saturday, which was nice.  We had Korean food and it was delicious.  From there, we rushed to the south side of Atlanta (by the airport) for my Aussie Rules game.  Unfortunately, the women’s team only traveled down from Milwaukee, so it was largely a pick-up game that ensued amongst the Atlanta players.  There is no big trip planned for this weekend since we will be going to Atlanta to pick up Dad on Wednesday, so we will likely get a bit of work done around the house instead.  Jet picked out a bunch of new flowers with Linda to be planted in our front flower bed.  We have several bushes that have just grown too big for our yard, so we are debating what to do with them.  They are expensive (likely over $50 each) and many (about 8 of them), so we would like to replant them somewhere else, but where?  This will likely be a pretty big project for us.

Jet has still had no luck in finding a job and even tracking down an interview.  She has been rejected outright from every job that she has applied for, some of them have been for doing work similar to what she had done in her previous jobs.  Jet has been persistant in calling some of those places that she applied to in the hopes of finding out why she was rejected, but more importantly, simply to talk to someone and make her case.  This has resulted in nothing as the people that she has spoken to simply said that hiring is done by someone else.  We can only assume that she has been rejected because she was over-qualified, but we just can’t know for sure.  Needless to say, this has given Jet (and me) a bit of extra stress to deal with.  Jet told me last night of an idea of her and Ben moving back to Milwaukee just so she can get her old job back at JPMorgan Chase … well, that and to be around all of you guys in Milwaukee.  That is obviously a “worst-case” scenario for me as I had just gone 4 months under a similar arrangement in Thailand – something that was pretty tough on me.  Let’s just hope something turns out – and soon.


6 Responses to “(Still) Got Gas?”

  1. Sandy Says:

    I wanted Jet to know that she and Ben can stay with us if they want to come down for Christmas early. (or Thanksgiving, at Kristin’s this year I think) Matt is out of town the first week in December to go to Mass. for a class. They can keep me company. We just have one shower in use right now and it is making me somewhat frustrated. I keep going in there and turn right back around because it is so routine for me. I even closed to the door to try to deture myself from going in there and forgot I did that and walked into the door. Ouch! I really miss you guys and I can’t wait till I see you again. We have plenty of gas down here too! Well take care you guys, and Jet it’s there loss for not even giving you a chance. Chin up kid!

  2. sweethomealabama Says:

    Sandy.. we miss you too. Thank you for let us staying with you but the idea of me and Ben staying after Thanksgiving till Christmas might not be the best idea for Andy. It is very hard for looking for the right job but I try to be positive. I can’t wait to go back ( move back) to Milwaukee. Love, Jet

  3. Jenny Says:

    Jet, you guys need to move up here in Gods country!!!
    There is a couple of Chase banks this way.
    I need some more company.
    Taylor can’t wait to see you. She wants to see if she is taller than you yet. And Jenna is gonna love Ben. She loves to watch little kids run around and talk. All she does is smile at them.
    I don’t know if I gave the lattest doctor update but she was (appointment September 8th)
    16.8 lbs (I know she is now well over 17)
    Her weight, and height and big head is all in the 90% for her age.
    She eats like crazy. She loves her baby cereal. She sits up on her own but not quite mastered the rolling over yet. She makes it half way then stops. Apparently the sitter says she rolls over in her crib there but she has never seen it. She ill just go to get her and she is on her back.
    Taylor has lost every softball game so far but she is not discouraged. She likes to play. Things have sure changed since I was that age and playing softball. It is fast pitch in Middle school. Stealing and everything. She was excited last game for she made it to first base. She was walked.
    That means she is watching the ball.
    Ok, all take care and keep me up to date on when you are coming into town.
    (a picture of Jenna will be on the way)

  4. Janette Says:

    Hi! I finally have time to write you so here

  5. Janette Says:

    Oops…..Abby touched the keyboard and apparently it was the right key to make the message go thru! I have no idea which key it was either!
    Well, I went back to work this past week. Yup, I didn’t realize it until Sept. 19th that “12 weeks” was really Sept. 23rd! Ouch! After furious phone calls to my boss and two sitters, I got it all arrainged to go back. I actually went back on the Monday, Sept. 22nd because we were short handed at work. It has actually been a great week with work. After I went back with Abby, I had a hard adjustment because I had switched my work shift and therefore what I was doing at work got shifted around and it was a hard adjustment. This time, I went back to what I was doing when I left so it felt like I’d had a two week vacation and slipped back in just as easily as before I’d left. The big change was that we now officially have UW Hospital as part of our facility so there are extra doctors around that I didn’t know. The main ones that come to our hospital right now are Heart & Vascular surgeons/physicians and the hospital built their office suite right across from my new area (they are in our old area), and we are checking in their patients so I have had the opportunity to meet & talk to them all. The main physician is “easy on the eyes” so it’s all good!
    Jeremy and I went to Iowa City this past Friday for the wedding of one of his best friends. Jeremy’s mom came out on Thursday and I gave her the low down on what to do and expect from the kids. I wrote down a few main points but otherwise just told her the rest so that she wouldn’t feel overwhelmed by my overtelling her what to do and watch out for with them. I did leave on Friday very, very nervous about it all mostly because she only seemed to be listening to half of what I said. Apparently it did go well but I’m guessing that if there were any glitches, she just didn’t want to tell me them.
    The wedding was an experience I’ll not likely have again! It was a very upper class deal so I never knew what to expect each day. We drove as a “caravan” of cars with two other familys and got there about 45 minutes before the rehersal. Only to find out at the hotel that what were rooms that we were supposed to check into at 3 p.m. were only half ready at 4:30 due to a convention that they’d had and didn’t have enough time inbetween to get the rooms all cleaned. Fortunately, ours was ready but half of the others weren’t. Worst case was the grooms parents who showed up at 3 and weren’t able to check into their room until 6. They were very upset to say the least and the staff at the hotel were horrible. In the end, after a lot of conversations with management, they ended up discounting 10% on the rooms that weren’t ready–about $9, pretty horrible customer service if you ask me. Most of the family got dressed in each others rooms that were ready just so we could get to the rehearsal, which ended up being late. The dinner afterwards was at the bride’s parent’s condo. Apparently they downsized earlier this year when their daughters were all out of the house. The condo, however, was as big as my house and on the 10th green of a golf course! And the rehersal dinner had about 100 people! Apparently the parent’s friends were also invited. They had bartenders the lower and upper levels of the house serving whatever you wanted to drink. That was definitely different than any rehersal dinner I’d ever been to before. Our group of friends went to a casino Friday night were I won $15 on penny slots (I like to get out while I’m ahead) and Jeremy just made a donation to the blackjack table.
    The wedding was at their small church in the middle of town and the reception was at one of the college halls. The bride’s dad is a big wig with the arts at the college and they were supposed to have the reception there but with the spring flooding, the hall was ruined so it was at another hall that they set up with an open bar and light food in the very large lobby area until the wedding party got there. They had a student calipso band playing and students who manned the doors all night to open doors for us. The dinner was on the fourth floor with a huge winding staircase up to it, and that is where the wedding party made their grand entrance–very nice. The wedding wasn’t until about 7 p.m. so by the time we actually ate it was about 10 p.m. After drinks and snack foods the thought of eating that late was not very appealing. Supper was an interesting choice. No salad, but a combo soup where it looked like the ying yang symbol in the bowl that were yellow and brown. It was ok but definitely different. The main meal was crab cakes with white rice under it and below that was some pastey stuff that tasted grimey. I don’t know that I would have 300+ people eat crab cakes because what are the odds of someone even liking crab cakes? Oh well, the kids that were supposed to eat the dinner with us that their mom decided to leave them at the hotel were getting chicken strips and fries so some of the guys in the wedding party ate that–including Jeremy.
    Sunday was a brunch at the condo. That was good and and they handed out bloody marys and mamosas (sp?)–the champaign with orange juice. All I really wanted was coffee because the hotel’s coffee tasted like crap. That reminds me about what was going on outside of the hotel before we left Sunday. We don’t know if it was a firefighter funeral or memorial but next to the hotel is their cemetary. I heard fire trucks outside when we were getting packed up and when I went outside on either side of the road were ladder trucks with the ladders up and holding the ends of a very large American flag that trailed down above the street below. There were fire trucks lined up all along the road in front of the cemetary and tons of people who were parking and walking over to the cemetary with chairs, all the men (I didn’t see any women) were dressed in their fire uniforms. Just as we were leaving I heard the bagpipes starting up. I forgot I was going to try to research what it was all about after I got home.
    So all in all, the drive was about 3 1/2 hours each way and the kids were no worse for wear. Then I went back to work the next day so it’s been a very fast week. We’re heading out in about an hour to Madison to Jeremy’s great-aunt’s 85th B-day party so I’ve got to close this out. I’ll write more soon to fill you in on other stuff going on with the girls lately! Have a great weekend!

  6. sweethomealabama Says:

    Wow, Janette! That must be a record-length post! Could the firefighter ceremony have been this: http://www.press-citizen.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080922/NEWS01/809220313/1079

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