Broken Spirit

What an awful evening yesterday (Saturday).  First the Brewers got off to a terrible start (the first game I think that I could see them on TV this year, hooray!) only to come back, bring my spirits up, then blow it end the end.  Then the Badgers got off to a great start only to blow it, finally come back and bring my spirits up, then blow it in the end.  And to have both teams lose at around the exact same time … I just didn’t know what to do with myself so I just ate an entire bag of Combos in about a minute to relieve some of the tension.  Wanting to get away from it all, I took Ben with me over to Donald and Linda’s to watch the big Alabama-Georgia game, but first, wanted to turn our sprinkler system on.  I turned the water shut-off valve for our sprinkler system on and then “spoosh”! … water began to shoot up and pour out from one of the gaskets.  Oh no!  This is the third time in about a year (the second time happened when we were in Thailand and Donald had to fix it on his own) that our gasket busted and we don’t use our sprinkler system all that often.  Oh man.  My spirit was now officially broken.  To fix this, we (I am sure Donald will be willing to help) will have to dig up the gasket and replace it.  Donald suspects that it could be a water pressure issue.  Whatever it is, I hope that it doesn’t happen again.

Ben and I got to Donald and Linda’s at kickoff of the Alabama-Georgia game and what a game it was.  As much hooting and hollering as Donald and I (mostly me) were doing at the great start to the game for Alabama, Linda surprisingly had the sharper, more critical spirit.  After Alabama drove down impressively in 11 plays and scored a touchdown on their opening drive, Linda complained that Alabama took too long and was wasting time that Alabama could use to run up the score.  Alabama’s next drive was equally impressive, but was stopped inside the 10 yard line and had to settle for a field goal after two failed runs up the middle to get a first down.  Linda was upset because she knew Alabama would have gotten a touchdown if they had run to the outside instead of up the middle.  Alabama’s next drive was another great one, and this time, they did run to the outside and got the touchdown, to which Linda said, “you see, mama’s always right” (or something similar) which just made me lose it.  Just as we were about to leave so that I could put Ben down to bed, Alabama had just gone up 31-0 and got an interception to seal the end of the first half.  The TV cameras panned to the crowd of Georgia fans that were just beside themselves, some of the gals appearing to be crying, Linda just let out a loud laugh at them.  I told her how cruel that was of her to do, but we all just got a big smile out of that.  That kind of passion reminded me of Aunt Sue and the Packers.  Oh wait, now I am about to bring up something else that will break my spirit (the Pack losing to the Cowboys on Sunday night … at least Jeremy should be happy).  At least Alabama did hold off a Georgia comeback to win 41-30.  Hopefully that will be the thing to turn my fortunes around.


One Response to “Broken Spirit”

  1. Janette Says:

    Hey Andy and Jet,
    Trust me I feel your pain, Janette and the kids didn’t want to be near me yesterday afternoon. There is one more day yet. As for the Packer game, I actually picked the Pack because I could see my boys choking and thought it would be a great game. Good Luck with the sprinkler and say hi to everone down there.


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