Brewers Are In!

Oh happy day!  What a thrill.  Of course, how much can I partake in the festivities 800 miles away?  I tried looking at the local news stations for video clips … nothing.  I have only been able to catch the highlights from the game, some champagne spraying (Dan, our Wisconsin neighbor, suggested that they celebrate with the “Champagne of Beers” – brilliant), some news stories, but that’s it.  With Dad coming into town, I just hope that he doesn’t rag on them to damper the mood.  But who else better to share the joys of the playoffs than with the greatest fair-weather fan, right?  Especially after all of those years of him cheering on the Cubs in my face.  The playoffs, the playoffs.  Who cares about the Pack right now?  Can you believe it?


3 Responses to “Brewers Are In!”

  1. Aunt Sue Says:


  2. Aunt Sue Says:

    Hello, had to do a test as I have written several novels only to submit and get an error. YAHOO HOW ABOUT THOSE BREWERS!!!!! After yesterday Packers who? Aaron who?? I hurt my shoulder who?? It would have been a very sad weekend if the Brewers didn’t pull us out of the slump of the Badgers and Packers losing. How exciting to watch, I turned off the Packers, yes indeed I did, because they were losing and watched the Brewer’s. Which ended up being the right choice. Will have to stop at Kohl’s tonight to see what new Brewer’s clothes I can buy.
    Yesterday was the Race for the Cure. Record crowd of 12,000 people raised $1 million dollars. It was a great day, cloudy and a bit cool but not really once you were walking or running. Renee ran into Sandy, I did not see her as I helped out working the ‘I Am The Cure’ tent. Jeff was in Minnesota for the weekend announcing a speed skating event. I think is was short track and called the America’s Cup. Today it is overcast and raining right now. From 4-8 is a pep rally for the Brewer’s at Summerfest.
    GO BREWER’S and yes go packers……

  3. Jenny Says:

    Can not believe it.
    Mark and I did some bonding and I was in 4th grade last time they made it this far. 1982.
    Mark was in High School. He’s old… You can relate Bryon.

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