Significant Cooling

That is what I just heard on the radio this morning for the forecast starting tomorrow when Dad arrives.  Great.  We have had temperatures up to 90 degrees, Dad comes tomorrow, and it will only be 70.  Coincidence?  At least they are predicting it to get back up to 80 by the weekend and there is no rain in the forecast for the races.

I filled up on gas early yesterday (Monday) morning and Jet did the same on Sunday so we are set with gas … for now.  When I drove home yesterday from Jacksonville, I passed about 15 gas stations and only 2 had any gas left … and those stations looked like parking lots with all of the cars lined up to get some.  Driving to work this morning, I did not notice any that were open.  And now I am reading that it could be another two weeks before any relief … geeze.  Hopefully we will have enough gas to pick Dad up from Atlanta tomorrow.

We will be leaving pretty early tomorrow morning to get Dad and while we are there in Atlanta, we will do some grocery shopping at one of the International grocery stores and grab some lunch around there.  We should be back in time to catch the Brewers (2:00pm start?).  We asked Dad if he was interested in staying a little longer in Alabama (longer than only 1 week) but he said that he had a busy schedule ahead of him (e.g., roof on the house, scouts, etc.) so it was not possible.  We have a busy week planned as the races and Oxfordfest are this weekend.  Dan (our Wisconsin neighbor) was able to get Dad and I tickets to Friday and Saturday races again this year, but nothing for the big Sunday race.  With so much happening before Sunday, I am thinking of just throwing a big party to watch the race at home or in front of Donald and Linda’s big-screen TV.  We’ll just have to wait and see how this all turns out.


One Response to “Significant Cooling”

  1. Janette Says:

    Hi Andy and Jet (and Ben)!
    Well, thought I’d write a little more, haven’t written enough yet??! If I didn’t type so fast I don’t know that you would get much more than a paragraph and any given time.
    Jeremy may not be a great Packer fan, but he is a die hard Brewer fan so he was very thrilled to see that last game! It was funny because the game where Prince Fielder won it in the bottom of the ninth, Jeremy had fallen asleep seconds before he hit that home run. Then the next game where Braun won it at the end of the tenth, he was doing work on the computer and missed that one (I saw it!). So for him to catch the last one was priceless! And besides the champaign being sprayed around the locker room there was cans of Miller Lite as well so there was a little of a beer celebration.
    Abby had been doing really well up until this past weekend when it comes to going thru the “twos” Now she’s back to saying NO anytime you ask her to do anything and not budging. This leads to lots of screaming and crying so I can say it’s definitely good to be back to work so I don’t have to hear it all day long. The best part is she is an angel for anyone and everyone else, saving it all for us! Otherwise, she’s been extremely happy to be playing with other kids now that I’m back to work. For the moment she has a new appreciation for it and gets very excited to be going to play with her friends so often.
    Katie has been growing leaps and bounds but I won’t know any official numbers again for a month when she goes in for her next check up. She has been sleeping thru the night most nights which is a shock to me. Abby was at least a year and a half before she stopped getting up at night for a drink. Katie is still very easy going and best of all doesn’t scream! My one and only problem is getting her to sleep on her own for naps during the day. Her afternoon nap can range from 2 hours down to no nap at all. She loves to doze with a bottle in her mouth but then will make herself wake up minutes later. I really hope, for my sitters sake, that she stops this routine in the near future.
    Jeremy is on vacation this week and I had today off so what better time than now to go to the zoo? Cool weather kept most people away but it was really nice out. We got Dad to go with us. I wasn’t sure he would considering he just went recently and that he was going to be heading out so early to catch his flight in the morning, but he was game. We didn’t go home without some homemade pickles! The kids must have really enjoyed it because both took naps on the way home and then slept a few more hours after that. Dad hadn’t packed yet so I’m sure he’ll be busy for the evening! Hopefully he’ll get plenty of sleep before his ride comes to escort him to the airport!
    Have a great time with your company and see you guys in a couple months!!

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