Dad’s Here

We picked up Dad this morning without much fanfare.  His cell phone stopped working for some reason so after we got back home, Jet hit the phone lines trying to see if it could be fixed.  It could not and would need some extensive repair.  So Jet asked about getting a replacement phone, but Dad still has 1 year left on his existing contract, so they said no.  After another half hour of wheeling and dealing, Jet was able to get them to mail Dad a new cell phone for free, however, he may be out of cell phone service for the next few days until he gets his new phone.  After leaving the airport, we stopped off at the International market for some groceries and then ate some Korean food for lunch.  It was a quick drive home that everyone slept through.  Dad was the first one out and was like Grandpa Simpson the whole drive back.  He would sleep for about 20 minutes, wake up for 30 seconds and make a comment about something (e.g., “geeze, that’s a strange car”, “what kind of gas mileage does the car get?”) and then fall back asleep for another 20 minutes.  That went on for the whole drive home.  Jet and Dad stopped off at Lowes in the afternoon to pick up some instant concrete to make some stepping stones, but Jet also suprised me by picking up a bench.  I guess it will go in our front yard, perhaps in front or in our front flower bed.  We’ll see how that goes.  I will be at school all day tomorrow and Jet works at 4:00pm, so Dad will be baby-sitting Ben for about two hours until I get home.  I hope that works out well.


2 Responses to “Dad’s Here”

  1. sweethomealabama Says:

    Dad came here just one day but I have complished couple things. He went to lowes with me and we picked up the bench, and cement. When we got home, I convinced him to put the bench together and he did. This morning he helped me finished steping stones for Ben footprint and handprint and they look so cute. I made him TomKha ( thai soup) he loves it and decided to have it for dinner last night and for lunch today. I was planning to take him for southern food but he prefered thai food. Tonight they are going to have dinner at OliveGarden. Dad is looking forward for big dinner tonight. Love Jet

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Hello All,
    Glad to hear that dad got there safely. Right now it is raining and I can hear thunder too. We had our first official frost on Sat night so we had to cover up the tomatoes and peppers. I think we are safe again for a few more days. I hope so, I want to get more peppers and tomatoes yet : )
    Anyway, this goes out to all of those who are planning on eating pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. We went to Ebert’s Friday and once again I talked Megan into getting a pumpkin that I could bake down for pies. I made 2 yesterday and they turned out great. My question is that I only used cinnamon and a touch of ginger. Does anyone really like Nutmeg in their’s? If so, I will make some on Thanksgiving with it; otherwise, I’ll leave it out.
    Ok – it’s fall officially and I am feeling a bit better so I have started my fall baking frenzy. I am up to my eyes in apples. I have found an apple pie filling recipe that I can make and freeze so that I can have quick apple pies whenever. (I’ll have to give dad some.) I just got a bushel of cortland apples and I already had a bushel of mcintosh. I also have just under a bushel of Ida Reds but I don’t know if they are pie material. (Our friends apple trees did well this year.) I “borrowed” Janette’s pampered chef apple peeler so hopefully I won’t be cutting apples straight to thanksgiving.
    So far I am definitely in for apple and pumpkin pies on Thanksgiving. I’m already dreaming of dad’s turkey and stuffing….. It always is good!
    How were the races?
    Love you all,

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