It has been great to have Dad around for the past few days. The races on the weekend, fixing things around the house yesterday (Monday) and today. What more can you say about a guy than what everyone likely already knows? He can be just a tad too loud in the morning getting up which wakes up Ben in the morning (the guest room is just across from Ben’s room), he loves to watch old black-and-white TV shows and the music channels before he goes to bed, he falls asleep without any warning at all times of the day, and his hearing can be hit or miss. Jet and I will just look at each other and smile after I ask him a question over and over without a response while he just stays focused or “zoned-in” on something else (a house that we are walking by, the TV, etc.) as if I never said a thing to him. Can’t forget the tree frogs too. Dad hasn’t been too bad around the house, but at the races, that was a different story. There was one time at Friday’s ARCA race where he conveniently got up and left for the bathroom but left his mark behind. It was so pungent that the group of ten shirtless, sun-burned drunks that sat five rows behind us almost came to blows trying to pinpoint which one of them was the culprit of that awful stink. Oh such priceless memories made all the more memorable because Dad wasn’t there to witness it. But you just cannot talk about a visit from Dad without mentioning the huge pot of potato salad that he made on Sunday or the equally huge pot of chili that he made yesterday, which he prepared both for hours the night before. Or when just Dad, Ben, and I were walking around Oxfordfest and I came across an unfinished furniture booth that had a table and two chairs not unlike those that Dad has in his house. Jet has raved on and on about getting a similar set that we can pass down to Ben when he gets older. Dad, Ben, and I were just about to meet up with Jet so I could get back to selling BBQ at the lodge when I explicitly told Dad that if he walked by this booth again with Jet to NOT let her buy the set as I was planning on doing it as a surprise. About an hour later, Dad walks into the lodge fully exhausted carrying the table and chairs himself as he bought them for us. I would say that you take the “good with the bad” when it comes to Dad, but there is just no bad.

Dad’s flight is tomorrow, but we don’t know how to get him back just yet. I had planned on Jet, Ben, and I taking him back just as we picked him up one week ago, but I have a department meeting at 3:00pm that my department chair had just asked I give another presentation about my Thailand trip. It could still work out, but that would mean having to drive to and from Atlanta, then rushing back to JSU. It can still work. As for the Thailand article, it is a technique called “ghost” writing – I write the article and someone else gets the credit. The PR department here at JSU had asked that I just write a story about myself and what I did in Thailand, but I wanted to use the article as a chance to promote our department instead. Oh well. Besides, that may have been the only bit of writing that many of you have ever read of mine, which is funny since I make half of my living doing just that. In all fairness, however, most of my writings are quite boring and are likely about things that you don’t care much about.

So what will we do with our final hours with Dad? The early plan is that Dad will continue fixing things around the house. After class today (2:00pm), I will head back home and we will go out to a pumpkin patch. Dad is also planning on baking a pumpkin pie for me before he goes. When it comes to Dad, there is just no bad.


7 Responses to “Visitor”

  1. Janette Says:

    That “ghost writing” is a farce if you wrote it, you should get the credit for it!
    Don’t forget to get some pictures posted soon!!!

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Oh – Dad is making pumpkin pie : ) I suppose he is going to buy the pie crust – well, let’s just say I’m not that desperate yet.
    I could only laugh hysterically as I read your post out loud to Scott. Oh – the tree frogs bring back the memories!!! And to think that at one point I fell for that. Yes, it is always an adventure with dad. He is so sweet! Of course the kids always think of him as the guy who almost always manages to need to make a batch of cookies when they are over. Yes, he is building sweet memories with them too.
    Now, if only that turkey and stuffing were closer around the corner – of course that would mean you all would be too!

  3. Linda & Donald Says:

    It has been great to have Bob (the Visitor?) in the neighborhood this week. We tried to get him to stay longer. We said that we would hire him to help with some painting at our house (ha! ha!), but he was very anxious to get back to the girls and the kids. Next time maybe he can plan a longer stay. I believe Andy is right, there is just no bad.

  4. Aunt Sue Says:

    Hello, gotta love my brother, somewhere in the gene pool that cooking and baking thing passed me up. I like to eat just can’t get into cooking and baking it. I had a wonderful surprise yesterday at work as Kristin, Sam, Sandy and Matt stopped to deliver pink Milwaukee firefighter t-shirts for Renee and me and then we had lunch in the HD cafeteria. Renee however was not in yesterday so she missed out but I gave her her shirt today and she thought it was really cool. And I love the shirt. I loved it so much I showed everyone at work and we have an order for 10 shirts to get. So today at lunch we are visiting the Local 215 to buy additional shirts. Our dept has a penny war going on in recoginition of breast cancer awarness month. Since last Wed we have raised $568. The penny wars end tomorrow with a catered lunch and everyone bringing pink deserts and wearing pink. So the pink firefighter shirts are a sure hit.
    Well that’s all from penny central today.

  5. Sandy Says:

    You discribed dad to a T! All during our trip to Bristol was like that. He let a couple go on the bus and those people were going on and on about the stink, but me and dad just stayed quite. I know though. Before he went to bed he turned on the TV claiming he was not tired yet but 5 min later he was snoring. Well almost half way through the semester just one big presentation and another 4 tests! Hi Jet and Ben!

  6. Kristin Says:

    Hey guys, I’m sure you are happy to have a gas free house again. Dad is famous, in our minds, for timing a “tree frog” when we are in the car, and unable to roll down the windows! I never even thought about Sandy and dad on a bus. There is no way he could hold them in that long. When we went to visit Aunt Sue she was talking and making a gesture when it suddenly dawned on me, you do that just like dad. As long as there are no “tree frogs” in your cubical.
    Aunt Sue, I hope you find the t-shirts you are looking for. Every time I go to one of the houses that are selling them to find a large they are out. Usually the shirts come in and are sold out by the next day. Jenny wants me to get her a M and a XL for her and Taylor, we’ll see when they get in again. I’m sure the department never thought they would be this successful. Hope you win your penny war.
    If my calculations are correct you guys should be back here in about 30 days. Let the count down begin. Sammy can’t wait for Ben to come and of course Ty misses Jet, them not to be left out Josh can’t wait for Bear to came home and has started wearing his oversized Aussie t-shirts.
    The trees are starting to really change colors and there is definately fall in the air. Of course today and tomorrow are going to be in the 70’s so fall is holding off a little longer. The kids are all playing outside until it’s dark out (6:30ish), like we thought they would do over the summer. They seem to be trying to get in the last bit of nice weather before the winter hibranation.
    We are having night time trick or treating over here on the 31st. The kids had a great time last year. This year we are decorating the path in the woods next to our house, as long as it doesn’t rain. Well see how that goes. Sam, pf course, wants to be a princess. Ty and Josh are going to have to look at all the costumes in order to make a decision.
    Well I guess I’ll sign off now, Sam and I are going to work out. We are going to Stephanie’s on Sat for Jakes birthday party. Before you know it it will be Thanksgiving. A side note to everyone, let me know if you are coming and I will email all a list of things needed to bring and you can sign up for what you want and send it on. Also if you would like to draw names different from last year let me know, or we will keep it the same.
    Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.

  7. Jenny Says:

    Dad, there is not bad and my fellow siblings have stated it all.
    I told Mark about those darn tree frogs that hopped around our house every night. Couldn’t find them but Dad could always spot them.
    Today I started on a bad note, I ran over a chipmunk. It was chasing a squirrel across the road and he stopped. I didn’t. Oopps.
    Jenna almost rolled over last night. She kept on trying for a good hour. Then she got tired and fell asleep. She has chosen to be a cat for Halloween. Actually she had no choice. I went to Old Navy for they have very warm costumes and all that was left was a pink poodle, a rat, a butterfly and a cat. The poodle looked way too girly, the rat looked evil and I can’t imagine carrying her around all night with these big wings on her back. I have to work until 6 that night so Mark is going to wait until I get home then we are going. It is 4-7. He is going to hand out candy. Jake will be at his Moms and Taylor will be in Washington DC! Which she is very excited about. Grandma Vergeront is taking her. She does not have to take a bus like some of us had to and what made it worse was if the battle ax was with you.
    Ok I have to try and look busy at work.
    Kristin Taylor, Jenna and I will be there for Thanskgiving. What do you want us to bring? Jake and Mark would go but we would have to be bakc by 5 for him to go back to his moms and I do not want to rush everyone so he is either going to stay at home or go to his sisters.
    Thank you for the shirts!!!!

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