Wet Weekend

It has been gloomy and rainy all day today (Friday) and the temperatures have barely reached 70 – what a difference from the last few days that have been sunny and in the mid 80’s.  On days like this, you just want to sit around and do nothing and that is pretty much all we did today.  It should stop raining for the rest of the weekend, but the temperatures will still only be in the 70’s.  Another big change is gas prices.  On Monday prices were still $3.55 a gallon.  By yesterday, prices were under $3.00 everywhere – the cheapest I have seen was $2.85.  What a difference a couple days can make.

There is not much planned for tomorrow.  Hopefully it will be dry enough so that I can cut the grass.  On Sunday, we will be traveling to Atlanta to one of the Thai temples, which will be the first time that we have visited one there.  Jet has met another Thai woman that lives about a half-hour from us that will be going there for a big celebration on Sunday morning.  It should be fun.  We were planning on stocking up on groceries afterwards because Jet had her first Thai Cooking class at JSU scheduled for Monday.  Jet found out earlier in the week, however, that her first class was cancelled (as were several other classes offered by the school of continuing education) because only 5 people had registered.  I guess it might be the economy that is keeping people away this time.  Oh well.  Jet’s second class is a couple weeks later in November, so we’ll see what happens for that one.


3 Responses to “Wet Weekend”

  1. lou Says:

    Did I miss something. Is that Ben’s picture posted everywhere? Whats going on? There has not been much to write here nothing totally new. Last week sunday Adam and I went to the pumpkin patch and picked 90 pumpkin for school. The kids are going to draw faced on them. It was a dirty dirty stinky job but it was a nice day out so not too bad. But the stench of rotting pumpkins permiated the air. We also needed to get 80 apples, the kids are going to make carmel appples, but for that I asked a worker to get for me. I was not about to pick 80 appples after all those pumpkins. Then adam and I had to unload them at school. Before we knew it almost 3 hours had passed. It was a long morning to say the least.
    Hmmm, what else. Oh, my school was having a mitten drive for needy kids. I approached Josh and Ty about what they could do to help the needy kids. I am trying to teach them to give back to others. Well Josh didn’t know and didn’t care. After many ideas from Ty he settled, on his own, that he could work and use his money from work to buy a pair of mittens. -Josh and TY’s employer is Sandy, she pays them when they let her dogs out- Yesterday I picked Ty up to take him to the dollar store to get some mittens and hats. He picked out 3 pairs of mittens with matching hats and scarfes. I was very proud. Of course, I had to keep reminding him that it was about helping others, therefore we are not here to get you anything so don’t ask. Since his birthday is coming up in 2 months everything he picked up and wanted I just said he should put it on his birthday list. That seemed to work. FYI to Kristin: He really wants silly string at his party.
    Alright I am going to try and work on something productive for school now. Talk to you later.
    -note to Andy, if you have any cool teachnological ideas I could maybe use in my classroom let me know.

  2. sweethomealabama Says:

    Maggie … what is your e-mail? You could use Web 2.0 tools within your classroom … just a simple Google search of “web 2.0 tools classroom” will give you plenty of ideas to work with. For example, here is a presentation by a first grade teacher of some ideas: http://k12online.wm.edu/GradeOneClassroom.wmv

  3. Norris Hall Says:

    If you like Thai cooking try this site
    It’s got about 30 recipes each one with a cooking video to go along.

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