It was a cool, not cold, morning yesterday at 8:00am for the start of the Gamecock Gallup 5K run.  There were likely 250 – 300 runners there and I started beside our neighbor Andy, who I only met after we returned from Thailand.  Andy works at the Depot and appeared to be in pretty good shape.  He told me that he usually runs his 5K’s at around 24 minutes, which is close to what I run mine when I am in my best shape.  That was hardly the case yesterday morning as there were several small hills to scale and two very large ones that had made me want to throw up by the time I had reached their summit.  Unfortunately, after scaling the second hill, I still had about 1 mile left to run.  Andy had passed me and started putting good distance on me just after the 1 mile mark while we were going up the first major hill and I didn’t see him again until after I passed the finish line.  As for reaching that finish line, I summoned everything I had inside me to pace myself for a strong ending – it worked as I made it in at 25 minutes and 1 second, but as I crossed the finish, I was sure that I was going to throw up.  Thankfully I didn’t.  Considering that I haven’t run at all since I have been back from Thailand and that there were two major hills to traverse one the course, a 25:01 time is phenomenal for me.  If you recall, the only other 5K I ran this year was back in March and I did that in 27:23.  Even though it was a pretty good time (less than 1 minute from 3rd place in my age group), I felt a little cheated.  If I had this performance without training, how good could I have done if I had kept running as much as I had done in Thailand?  Maybe that regret will help fuel me to my next runs.

We have the fall festivals this afternoon, so that should be a bit of fun.  I took Ben to church with me today for the first time.  I figured Jet would not want to go as I am sure that she would have been very bored.  Can you believe it, I was able to sit in the pews with Ben on my lap the entire time!  I think it was the new surroundings, all of the people, and all of the singing that likely made Ben afraid, quiet, and motionless for the whole hour – who knows if he would do that again the next time I take him.

Ben has been on a huge Thomas-the-train kick over the past two weeks.  Every night before he goes to bed, he insists on watching Thomas or “choo-choo”.  Actually, Ben pronounces it more like “shoe-shoe” to which Jet and I joke that he is starting to speak Chinese.  Before this recent Thomas kick, Ben loved watching Barney.  Jet was happy when Ben stopped watching Barney because she felt that the young children in those Barney videos were a little too fake, cheery, and annoying.  One of those Barney videos is very timely because it involves Barney taking the kids to a farm to see animals and pumpkins.  To show how committed Ben is to Thomas right now, I tried putting on the “Barney Goes to the Farm” video to mix things up while Jet was away at work, but Ben got very upset and pointed to the TV repeating over and over “shoe-shoe … shoe-shoe”.  At least those Thomas videos are not annoying; those little engines like being useful, reliable, and are always up for “important” work even though they always seem to wreck every episode.  Jet came back yesterday morning from Kohls with a Thomas bed set for Ben and you should have just seen the excitement from Ben.  Thomas certainly has a special place in Ben’s heart right now.


4 Responses to “25:01”

  1. Janette Says:

    Hi all! I hope your enjoying your weather, I know I’m not here–too cold for me! Abby went thru a Thomas the Train phase for about a month and other then pointing excitedly saying “Thomas!” when she sees the stuff, she doesn’t have much interest in him anymore. I think some of that has to do with the marketing, all cloths & most of the toys is geared toward boys. I think the cartoons are a little bit of a downer anyways. There is someone always “cross” who has to learn the hard way that they can’t always have their way or that they’re not always right.
    Well, Abby is fully in the princess/Disney mode. She was Tinkerbell for Halloween and had a blast. There were 40 mph winds on Sunday for trick or treating and it was cold but she would have stayed out all day if it meant getting more candy! I put thermal clothes under her outfit so she would stay warm and not need to wear a coat and it seemed to work because she never mentioned being cold. She thought it was the best thing ever that we’d walk up to peoples doors and they would actually give her candy for just uttering a couple of words and a thank you. A few people dressed up in scary costumes and sat outside to hand out candy and those were not her cup of tea. I would ask her if they scared her and she would say an emphatic “no” but wouldn’t come more than a couple of feet away from them. She started looking over her shoulder a lot more for the scary costumes that would be walking around after that. We only stayed out for an hour because I was half frozen, but we got plenty of candy. All she wants are the suckers so I’m not quite sure what we’re going to do with the rest, we certainly don’t need it!
    Abby is turning into quite the talker. Her vocabulary seems to be getting better by the day so you never know what she’s going to say now. Like at breakfast this morning, Jeremy and I were in the living room and she was still in the kitchen finishing her cereal when all of sudden she announced that she was “waiting”. Which meant she wanted us to come over and wipe her up so she could get down and play. We get lots of moments like that where we just turn to each other and ask if she really just said what we think she said?!
    Kaitlyn has been doing really well, still rolling over on her right side with no clue as to how to get back so I’m hoping that part will come soon as she’s been getting more and more frustrated with not being able to move once she’s face down. About 3/4 of the time she wakes up in the night/morning, you can tell from how she’s whining on the monitor that she’s rolled over again in bed too. She is getting a lot more aware of how to grab and shove anything she can get her hands on into her mouth too.
    Jeremy’s on his last vacation of the year this week so he’s attempting to not lose his sanity with Abby while trying to also entertain the baby!
    I’ve been helping a friend paint her new house so that’s been taking up any free time I don’t have much of anymore. I’m hoping that tomorrow will be the last big painting part and that we’ll just have touch ups after that. I love to paint, but a whole house is another thing altogether!
    Can’t wait to see you all in exactly one month so have a great month, hope it goes by fast! Talk to you soon!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Ok Andy, you are getting way too into Thomas the Train. I never heard a movie that well explained like you just did. Hey, comming back with your laptop? I think it is about time to download a lot more songs on the Ipod.
    Everything is going fine up here. Nothing new to report. Football for Jake is over, softball for Taylor is over. Taylor won her last game and you would swear it was the world series that she won. She needs a lot of practice but she wants to go out again next year. During the spring she wants to try volleyball.
    Taylor is leaving for Washington DC tomorrow. She is looking forward to it.
    Jenna is a big child. She is rolling over fine but now she has finally found her thumb, and fingers, and knuckles. She will start to roll over. Her hand goes past her face and she sees the fingers and thumb and deciedes she is fine on her side and wants to suck on the hand…. So she just lays there….. On her side…. Drooling and sucking…..
    Oh, and she loves to scream out DaDaDADADADA.. She gets into this talking stage and that is all someone can hear.
    She is doing very well. Her first love is peas and beans. She hates peaches. And she does not like to sleep past 6:30am. She is officially my alarm clock in the morning. I do not know how to program her for daylight savings time this week.
    Take care and I will see you all later.

  3. lou Says:

    Hello all! Counting down the days until you grace up with your presence. Dad and Kristin have already been talking about what to make for your visit, meal wise. Everyone is super excited.
    Yesterday I had an opportunity to wear the cowboy hat you gave me for Christmas last year. It was our school halloween party and I whipped together a cowgirl costume. Little kids kept coming up to me and saying “I know what you are, your a cowgirl”. After the first two everytime a little kid was headed for me I knew what they were going to the same thing. So I decided to mess with them. When they said your a cowgirl I would say “close, I am an astronaut or scuba diver”. It pretty funny some just said oh, and looking disappointed walked away.
    Josh, Ty, and Sam came to the party as well. Josh and Ty’s old classmates were excited to see them. Sam did not like the scary moster costumes and wanted to go home. By far the most popular costume was a storm trooper for starwars. They could have formed their own little army. I think the funniest costume I saw was a little boy who was dressed like Run DMC from the late 80’s, so he was decked out in addidas, fake gold chains, and even the hat. It was pretty good. Thats abouut all I have to head out the door to school.

  4. lou Says:

    Oh one more thing. Andy I got my wiki space up and running. : )

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