Week In Review

Because of the lack of posts, you can imagine how busy things have been here over the past week. At least we have some pictures to document some of it! I took Ben to church with me last week Sunday for the first time. Maybe it was the large, strange environment, all of the people that were there, or all of the singing, but Ben just sat still on my lap for the entire service. Ben was certainly not himself, but I was glad that I didn’t have to watch the service from the “quiet room”. After church, I attended the initiation ceremony for the student organization I am the adviser for in Jacksonville, then rushed back home to attend two different fall festivals. Ben had a blast at them as there were a lot of games for him to play and lots of candy to pick up. The weather was great for walking around too, so it was a very good day for us all.

This week at school was busy as usual, in addition to my usual work and grading, I found time to give our department’s Website a complete make-over while inching extra time to (almost) finish three different research papers. A busy week indeed. Things only ramped up as the weekend approached. On Thursday night while Jet was at work (I know, the day before Halloween), I carved our pumpkin with Ben (well, Ben watched) at Donald and Linda’s house. I kept it simple, but a little scary. Not sure if I accomplished that, but you can see it in one or two of our trick-or-treating pictures. We then baked the pumpkin seeds and I have been enjoying them ever since – tasty.

I had a student thesis presentation on Friday afternoon at JSU and had to rush back in time to get ready for trick-or-treating. As you can see, Ben was a dragon this year while I dressed as a “real” doctor. We only stuck to the houses in our neighborhood for trick-or-treating because we ended up talking to each of the neighbors for a few minutes at each stop. It didn’t matter that we only made about half of the houses we went to last year as each house literally gave us several handfuls of candy. Our final haul was a HUGE bag full of candy – an amount that I would have never gotten even if I had stayed out 12 hours collecting as a kid in Milwaukee. It was easier getting candy this year as there were less trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood and our neighbors didn’t want to get stuck with candy. Now we are stuck with it. Note to Josh and Ty … you don’t have to save your “non”-chocolate candy for me as I have plenty here.

Yesterday (Saturday) we had our neighborhood yard sale that I helped organize (e.g., passing out fliers, hanging signs, etc.). About a dozen families participated and we had some good traffic. The funny thing was that we had advertised our sale from 9:00am – 1:00pm, but the most people came at around 8:00am. It was a good thing that a few of the houses that participated were already set-up by then. Jet and I ended up bring our stuff to sell over to Donald and Linda’s house and we just hung out with them the entire time. Jet sold a few of the hair bands that she brought back from Thailand and a couple items of clothes for about $30. Well, that was $30 that we didn’t have at the start of the day. Hearing from a few of the other neighbors, they did pretty good and had a good time.

It must be that time of the month again because Ben was not eager to eat much all day yesterday and had a fever last night. It may be something else this time as he seems to have a bit of congestion now, which is different than the last few times when he was sick. Maybe it was the couple hours that he was out trick-or-treating on Friday night or all morning spending outside with us at the yard sale. Whatever how he got sick this time, hopefully it will pass soon. We were planning on getting a family picture taken later today (Sunday), but we will see how that goes as it will surely depend on how Ben feels. As for the week ahead, hopefully it will slow down a little bit, but as Thanksgiving is approaching and the semester is winding down, I doubt it.


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