Pizza Night in Alabama

We had the neighbors over for homemade pizza last night and it turned out to be a great event.  Everyone enjoyed making (and eating) pizza, while Jet made cookies and I made fried apples (with ice cream) for dessert.  It is just nice to have company over sometimes, isn’t it?  There has not been much else happening this week – Jet, Ben, and I had a family picture taken on Sunday night while Jet is having Ben’s holiday pictures taken today.  All this week Jet has been helping out her friend (Amber) at her home photo studio with all of the picture appointments that she has.  As you might imagine, it gets pretty busy this time of year for picture taking.

We do not have much planned for the next few days.  Jet works tonight and our Wisconsin neighbors invited us over for some beef tenderloin that they are grilling for dinner.  Jet mentioned the idea earlier this week of visiting Mt. Cheaha (highest point in Alabama, about 30 minutes from our house) on Saturday (tomorrow).  We might just do that since the weather has been fantastic lately (upper 70’s for the past 2 weeks) and the fall colors have finally began to peak.  If we do go, it should make for some great pictures.  On Sunday, our Wisconsin neighbors invited us over for the Packers game, which is noteworthy since our schedules have been so busy the last few Sundays that we haven’t watched a game together in some time … perhaps last when they were 3-0 heading in the Dallas game.  Hmmm … maybe that is why they have been losing so much lately.  Right after the game, Jet will be cooking Thai food for some friends for dinner.  This is the family that I met at their wedding just before we left for Thailand.  The wife is American (from Alabama), the husband is Thai, they have a 3 year old son, and the husband’s mother (also Thai) will be here.  I am really looking forward to it because they seemed like very nice people when I met them.  I heard that the Thai husband has changed jobs from being a manager at the Outback to a manager at the Cracker Barrel, so I am sure Donald and Linda would like to meet them too.

Looking ahead at Thanksgiving, we will likely drive to Milwaukee (and arrive) on Sunday, November 23 and leave around Sunday, November 30.  If that holds, the countdown stands at 15 days!  That will be here before we know it.


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    13. Peanut Pershians are on special. Is that the smell of fresh bagels I detect?

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