Children’s Hospital – Results

Just wanted to follow-up our last post with the results from our visit to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham earlier today.  I was a bit nervous when we arrived because we had to report to a specialty clinic, but didn’t know until we got there that it was the leukemia clinic.  Ben had a lot of blood drawn, but it was only 1 hour from when we arrived till we were on our way out.

As it turns out, Ben’s pediatrician was concerned about the low iron in his blood and his monthly fevers and wanted one of the specialists in Birmingham to look at Ben and confirm whether they were related or not.  They are not … what a relief!  It turns out (and confirmed Ben’s pediatrician’s diagnosis) that Ben has 50% hemoglobin A (common in the US) and 50% hemoglobin E (common in SE Asia).  What is happening is that the hemoglobin E results in smaller red blood cells and is associated with lower iron in the blood.  The doctor mentioned that hemoglobin E sometimes makes it look like there is an iron deficiency even when there isn’t … but this is not the case with Ben. 

So with Ben having an iron deficiency in addition to the hemoglobin E, he gave us a prescription for Ben to take iron drops until his iron count gets back to normal.  That could take a month or so and we don’t look forward to having to give Ben iron drops several times a day.  Once Ben has his iron back up to where it needs to be, then he can take regular vitamins to help keep him there.


3 Responses to “Children’s Hospital – Results”

  1. Kristin Says:

    7. Oopse, somehow I made a mistake, I should be on 6. Jenny is coming in to see Bryon this afternoon. Hopefull he will not need his next one while you are here. But then again that means I will get mine. Oh well, the holidays are around the corner, hurray.

  2. Kristin Says:

    5. You had better have ants in your pants. The doctor told Bryon he may be able to come home tomorrow, lets hope. I will be visiting him after the boys go to school. You guys are in charge of deserts with Steph for Thanksgiving.

  3. Sandy Says:

    What a coincidence! I just had a test on anemia today. Also encourage Ben to have eggs (yokes has iron), muscle meats i.e. rump roast, shoulder. and whole grain bread and cereal. Small red blood cells mean not a lot of iron can attatch to them. How interesting! Can’t wait for you guys to get here!

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