Hitting The Road

It seemed like I spent all day yesterday cleaning up after all the messes that Ben made, but that is neither here nor there as I am now about to hit the road.  After my tremendous oversight of not checking the weather forecast the last time I drove from Milwaukee, which resulted in us getting caught in a blizzard on New Year’s Eve and getting stranded in a hotel in Rensselaer, Indiana for the night, I am pleased to report that there is nothing but sunshine ahead for the drive up I-65 today.  Has it been almost a year since then already?  Gosh, time goes by so fast.  I see that the temperature in Milwaukee is 14 right now … Yikes!  At least the forecasted highs are 40 degrees for the next week … that shouldn’t be so bad, right?  Anyways, we are looking forward to seeing everyone up in Milwaukee later today.  Hooray!


3 Responses to “Hitting The Road”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Ok, Andy, Jey and Ben brought the snow with them.
    It is all white up here and Jenna just stares at it.
    Jake had his warm mask on this morning and she then could not keep her eyes off of him. She did not know who he was.
    Can’t wait to see you all on Thursday!!!

  2. Janette Says:

    Andy – still waiting on an update!!!!

  3. Jenny Says:

    Andy, post one of the grandkids pictures that we took yesterday so I can show it around.

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