Back Home

We left pretty early yesterday (Saturday) morning (1:00am) to avoid the weather in Milwaukee and got back home in time (1:30pm) for the kickoff to the Iron bowl.  Ben has had a spot of fever here and there for the past two days, but both he and Jet slept for much of the drive and were real troopers by letting me drive right through.  Linda had made some leftover turkey into a tasty vegetable stew, which hit the spot after a long drive home.  I put the Thomas table together after the Iron bowl and organized all of the trains and track for Ben.  Ever since then, Ben has been just in the most unbelievably happy mood.  I bet if we left Ben alone, he would play with the trains for the entire day.  Jet also dressed him in Thomas PJs last night and Ben has just been beside himself full of excitement.  It truly has been like Christmas morning for Ben.  Such happiness.  Such joy.  It has been almost as fun for us to watch.

With so much that happened over the past week, there are so many people that we need to thank.  First and foremost, thanks to Dad for letting us ruin his house for one full week and still make breakfast for us every day.  I don’t know how, but I think he really enjoyed having us over for company.  Thanks to Kristin and Bryon for letting us interrupt them on a daily basis by hanging out at their house and bugging them.  We were amazed at what a good time Ben had over at your house (especially with Sam) and surprised at how quickly he has picked up new habits (screaming, running around in circles, etc.).  And a final thank you to everyone that hosted us and fed us during our stay (Janette and Jeremy, Jack and Kathryn, Dad, Kristin and Bryon, … the list goes on and on).  You really did give the most bang for the buck during our brief stay.  Thank you all so much and we look forward to seeing you in just a couple of weeks for Christmas.


2 Responses to “Back Home”

  1. Linda & Donald Says:

    Loved the pictures! What a wonderful, gorgeous family!

  2. Jet Says:

    This morning Ben woke up and called Sam Sam. He misses her :). Thanks again for the train. Now he can’t go any where without carrying at least one train including his sleeping time. He said choo choo night night. It is very funny. We miss you 🙂

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