Short December

Already a week into December.  I’d like to call it a long December, but those days have just gone by so fast.  I have been busy all week at school with finals and grading.  Fortunately, I am finally done.  Now I get to spend the next two weeks (before returning back to Milwaukee) getting ready for the next semester.  Some news to report on Sup … after two months of waiting for the university to agree on compensation, finally it was hashed out this week.  Now JSU is just waiting on some address information and other demographic details to send out his visa papers on Monday.  It’s running short on time, but it looks (fingers crossed) that Sup will be here for the spring semester.

Jet has been battling a cold for most of this week, just now finally getting over it.  Ben has been getting increasingly more wild.  His volume seemingly has increased ten-fold since returning from Milwaukee last week.  We went out to eat at the Porterhouse Cafe on Wednesday for dinner and I was a good 40 yards away at the buffet line when Ben started to shout out “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy” in his playground voice.  Ben just doesn’t know how to turn that tuner down.  Jet has also told me that when he plays with Olivia (daughter of Amber, Jet’s good friend) he is just as loud.  Jet told me that it was funny that Olivia, who is a few months older than Ben, kept telling Ben to “shhh” and “be quiet”.  Ben woke up for his pacifier a few minutes ago at 4:00am.  He went right back to sleep right when I gave it to him, but out of nowhere, he had some awful congestion.  I was only with Ben for a minute, but he sounded like he did when he had the “croup” about 1 year ago.  He has been just fine the past few days, so I hope it is nothing.

Today we are planning to go to Atlanta, which is why I hope Ben feels better.  I will play Aussie Rules and then afterwards, we will do some grocery shopping at the International markets.  Jet needs to stock-up on supplies as on Monday night, she has been invited to teach Thai cooking at the homes of one of my colleagues in my department.  This is something that I think Jet has been looking forward to, even though she hasn’t spoken much about it.  Hopefully the traffic will not be too bad in Atlanta as we will then rush back home to watch a very important game that is being played in Atlanta – the SEC championship game.  We are planning on watching the game at Donald and Linda’s, but if Ben is not feeling well, those plans may change.  Jet tried switching shifts with someone at the Olive Garden, and for the first time, she found no takers.  It will likely be a very slow night for her tonight.

Well, with around two weeks to go, will there be another countdown started?  Jet is still pushing to drive to Milwaukee instead of flying, but I haven’t done two drives to and from Milwaukee that close before.  I guess we’ll just have to see how this all turns out.  Two weeks to go, which means that I should try and get all Christmas shopping done in the next week.  Jet has not told me what she wanted for Christmas yet (at least as far as I can recall), so we will just have to wait and see what happens there, that is, unless the decides to give me some ideas.  Maybe she won’t mind getting “soap on a rope” this year.  Maybe not.


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