Christmas Eve, Eve

Well, it has just been about surviving since we have arrived in Milwaukee.  We are lucky that we drove up on Saturday instead of Sunday as the gusting winds made for whiteout conditions and caused several multi-car pile-ups on the freeways.  The temperature of -6 degrees at noon was really just icing on the cake.  We did not take Ben outside much yesterday (Monday) because of the temperatures, even though it warmed up to 0 degrees at times.  I spent some of the morning shoveling out the 3-foot snow drifts on Dad’s sidewalk while he watched Ben in the house.  Jet made good use of the time by getting some coffee and shopping with Maggie.  With no big plans for the evening as a few over at Kristin’s house were sick, we took Dad out to eat at Singha Thai for some Lard Nar and Pud See-Eew and then afterwards, took a drive over to Candy Cane Lane.  Somehow Candy Cane Lane seemed less festive this year as there were only a handful of houses that went “all out” while the majority that did have lights, was pretty simple.

Well, snow is on the way today and tomorrow and I hear a good chance for another significant snowfall this weekend.  Yikes!  We are planning a birthday party for Ben at Dad’s house just after Christmas (I think on Sunday, the 28th right now), but we will see what kind of role the weather will have in this.  We will likely head back to Alabama not long after the party.  Jet is talking about going sledding with Kristin’s kids today, which should be a lot of fun for them.  I plan on staying behind with Ben as I my coughing has not improved and we don’t want Ben to minimize any chance of Ben getting sick before we return back to Alabama.  Although Ben might have some good fun in the snow (the snow is at least as high as he is), we don’t want to have the same experience as we had (“croup”) the same time last year.  At least the temperatures will be sky-rocketing up to around 20 today.  Tonight I will be going to dinner with some old friends from high school and my high school football and wrestling coach (Mr. Mayberry) at the Chancery in Wauwatosa.  I am really looking forward to this and the stories and catching up.  Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and my brother Chris will be in town from Omaha, Nebraska with his wife.  Dad has already cooked up a pot of sauerkraut soup for dinner tomorrow, so we are all set to go!  I got a sample taste of the soup and it just didn’t have the same bite as when Grandma would make it.  Maybe an extra day or two of aging will make a difference.


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