Merry Christmas!

The big day has come and everyone seemed to have a good time and enjoy everyone’s company.  A very successful holiday if you ask me.  The dinner with Coach Mayberry and some old friends (Chris Thompson, Franco and Danny Trampe) went great and it was good to catch up as well as reminisce.  Christmas Eve dinner last night was extra special because we had it in the basement of Dad’s house.  Though there were not that many there, it brought back many wonderful memories of Christmas Eve dinners with Grandma and Grandpa.  Unfortunately, Jet is the latest to come down with an illness as she has felt bad for the past 24 hours – even getting sick in the middle of the night.  Hopefully it will be just one of those 24 hour deals and will soon be over.  Everyone seemed to enjoy their gifts too and the happiness was evident.  Dad was very surprised to get the Sirius boombox and car package as he was totally anticipating getting an iPod.  After I explained what Sirius radio was to him and the radio stations that he had access to, he got very excited and happy, which was a very good Christmas memory.

We are staying over at Kristin’s house tonight because Kristin has her surgery scheduled for 5:30am tomorrow morning and we will be watching the boys for her (Josh and Ty).  We are still planning on having a birthday party for Ben on Sunday and then returning home early Monday morning.  The temperature was 3 degrees this morning but is expected to warm up to nearly 40 tomorrow with rain, which will be a relief as I have shoveled snow every day since I have been here.  I have not minded shoveling snow, though, because I know in just a few days I will be leaving and not having to worry about that any longer.

Just one more quick update, Sup passed his visa interview on the 23rd and will be arriving at JSU in the next week or two.  He will be teaching and doing research with me over the spring semester, which should be both a lot of fun and productive.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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