Ready For Alabama

Sandy invited us to have breakfast (slappy jacks and sausage) over at her house this morning which is very nice of her.  I stayed at Dad’s for all of yesterday with Ben as it was raining, foggy, and just a plain glum day even though it was 50 degrees.  Jet got out for lunch and some shopping, but the weather just could not get us in an active mood.  Dad is hosting Ben’s birthday party later today which should be a lot of fun.  Dad is making ribs and he has been prepping them since yesterday morning.  With all of the eating we have done over the past week, I am sure that I will be very disappointed when I step on the scales for the first time when I get back home.  We are still planning on leaving early tomorrow (Monday) morning as it appears to be the best driving forecast in the past several days.  As I mentioned earlier, all day yesterday there was very bad fog out and moving away from the city there was very bad ice.  I hope that we are able to avoid all of that tomorrow morning, but there are no guarantees when driving early in the morning.  Wish us luck!


4 Responses to “Ready For Alabama”

  1. Janette Says:

    I hope your drive home went well!! There does seem to be a break in all the crazy weather we’ve been having. How was the birthday party? I was just about to put Ben’s gifts in the car for Steph to take to it when she called saying she was sick as well as one of the kids. I will now be mailing that out to you in the next coming days so that Ben can now open them on his actual birthday. I’ll also have the Medila stuff for Jet to go along as well as the $$ for Dad’s gift.
    We had a good time at Jeremy’s grandparent’s house yesterday and Abby had a lot of fun with the kids. It’s funny, because Jeremy is the oldest of all the grandkids, to have spent the last ten years watching all of the kids grow up (the last one just started college this past fall) and some have kids of their own as well. It turns into quite the house full when it comes time to open gifts!
    Jeremy’s mom came out today to celebrate Christmas with us and stay until New Years so we can go out to dinner and drinks with friends for the evening. We still have one more Christmas to celebrate with our “couples” exchange of names, but that won’t be until some time in January. There are 6 couples and to get us all together on one night can be a bit hard to coordinate so we try to do it when the holidays are winding down in January.
    Hope you all made it safe and sound back to Bama and that you’re soaking up a lot of the sun that I saw was greeting you on your arrival! I am curious to know which weather Ben liked better….
    p.s. I want to see lots of Christmas & Birthday pictures posted soon!!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Hey Andy, post some of those pictures from Christmas

  3. Jenny Says:

    Ok I have time to write now.
    I thank everyone for a great Christmas. Hope you got back to Alabama safe and Chris got back to Omaha safe also. Everyone is having fun with their gifts now. I get Taylor back on Wednesday or Thursday. She can then open her gifts.
    Jenna is having fun with all of her new toys. She is quite spoiled in that area.
    I want to also thank for the birthday calls. I think the best was a message that was left on the answering machine from Dad on Sunday the 28th. He said happy belated birthday and how he thought it was the 28th but he remembered it was the 27th and he was sorry again for being late.
    Ok, I thought Stephie made him a calendar. Got to love that father of ours.

  4. sweethomealabama Says:

    we really miss all of you. Dad is a wonderful host. He is the best and I wish we stay with him longer till New Year becuase he keeps asking if we want to stay for couple more days. We hope Kristin feel better and be able to move more so you can celebrate New Year. Happy belated b-day to Jenny. The gift is on the way :). Ben is very handful since he came back becuase he wants us to play with him all the time since he has someone to play with in Milwaukee. Ben’s party was fun except we wish all his cousin would come. Oh well, maybe next year when he is turning 3 will be more people. Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone. We miss you . Love…. Jet, Andy and Ben

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