Savannah Bound

Just making final preparations for our drive to Savannah, Georgia this afternoon.  Yesterday the movie Elizabethtown was on TV and Jet walked in the room during one of Paula Deen’s cameo spots, which she took as a sign that we should stop and eat at her restaurant in Savannah sometime this coming week.  After looking at her reservation policy(wait in line at 9:30am, first come, first serve, for a reservation later in the day) we are thinking that we might pass.  Besides, there appears to be several other good restaurants to eat at there that should keep us busy.  The temperatures are supposed to be around 80 there until Wednesday when they dip down into the 60’s.  Hopefully Jet and Ben will have a good time there.

Our New Year’s Eve party went great.  I tried a new pizza dough recipe (1 package dry yeast mixed with 1.5 cups warm water, 1 teaspoon salt, 2 tablespoons sugar, 2 tablespoons olive oil, then mixed with 3.5 cups flour) and let it sit in the refrigerator the night before.  Perhaps it was the mixing of the yeast and warm water first (I usually just blend the yeast with the flour first, then water), but the dough was very tough to stay still; I would roll it out and it always seemed to want to shrink back up a little bit.  This made it tough to make thin crust pizza (the way Jet likes it) but everyone seemed to enjoy adding the toppings themselves and the final product.  Running low on toppings and feeling a bit lazy near the end, I decided to make one thick crust pizza with the remaining dough and it turned out to be likely the best pizza that I had ever made.  The dough was as tasty as eating a warm pretzel and absolutely delicious.  I was glad that there was some slices left over as ended up eating those pieces on Friday and they still tasted great.  We stayed up past midnight playing Rummycube, Apples to Apples, Uno, and a couple of new games.  The favorite one we played was a music lyrics game where there were a team would pick a card with a word on it (e.g., “everything”, “sweet”, “body”, “angel”, etc.) and the teams would go back and forth (30 second time limits) trying to name and recite no less than 6 words of a song with the chosen word until one team was stumped.  Our neighbor Dan was a tough competitor, but our team (Julie, Brandon, and myself) came from behind and won in the end.  Just a lot of fun and something that we ought to do more often.

On New Year’s Day we went off to Atlanta for a ceremony at the Thai temple with Jet’s friends Janet, Opal, and their son, Jensen.  There were not as many people there as a couple months ago at the last ceremony at the Thai temple, but there was still plenty of food to eat and we all had a good time.  We also met up with Jet’s other friends there (Tim, Pa, and their daughter Lena) and afterwards, we all decided to eat lunch, go grocery shopping, then mall shopping together.  After leaving Alabama at 8:00am and returning back home past 7:00pm, it was a long day that passed very quickly because we all had such a good time together.  Jet made the mistake of buying too much fresh food (rice noodles, vegetables, fruits, etc.) because she forgot that we would be out-of-town all next week, so we invited Janet, Opal, and Jensen over for lunch yesterday and gave some of the extras to our neighbors, which they all appreciated.

Not much else to report, though.  Sup’s flight will arrive on Saturday (January 10) at 11:55am (our time) so we look forward to seeing him and picking him up real soon.  School starts on Thursday and I have already e-mailed my students their work for the first week since I will not be there for the first day of class.  Of course there is the conference itself which will surely keep me occupied for much of the coming days.  In two weeks we will be having Ben’s Alabama birthday party.  So there will still be a few things keeping up busy.

Just a final note, I hope Adam is doing well.  So how is he doing?  Did the surgery go well?  What was the problem?  What was the cause?  Again, I hope he (and everyone else) is doing well.


4 Responses to “Savannah Bound”

  1. lou Says:

    Hello, sounds like a fun new years party. Adam is feeling alot better. Thank you for asking. He had appendicitis and had his appendix removed on Friday. The vicadine is helping his pain alot.

    Have fun in GA

  2. Kristin Says:

    Hello, hope you guys are having a great time. We sure miss you here. Now that I am feeling better every day I really wish you were here to do things with. I know that Christmas was not the great time you were expecting, next time.
    Did you get to eat at Paula Deen’s resturant? See any neat sights? How is the conference?
    I hope you are having a great time. Nothing else really going on over here. Bryon is going in for his next surgery, and hopefully final, Monday. I’ll keep you posted amd let you know how things go. I’ll also keep you posted on what we are doing for Dad’s birthday. He said he has no idea what he would want. He got such a great Christmas gift what else could he want.

  3. Jenny Says:

    Glad to hear everything at the Schroeder household is almost back to normal. And I hope that that will be Bryons last surgery.
    I do also hope Adam is doing good. I asked Mark and he does not have his appendix so…. ya, Jermey you got yours yet? Matt? I think it all has something to do with the water at Kristins house.
    Great news!!! No not another one Kristin…
    Jenna crawled for the first time last night. Now she won’t stop. She has to grab and touch anything she sees. The playpen is all set up so if we leave the room she has to either go with us or go in the pen. And every day she does not want the bottle more and more. She loves the food. Now only if she would get some more teeth. Still stuck with only 2.
    All right, got to pretend to work again.
    Hope all is well with everyone.

  4. Janette Says:

    Hi everyone! Sorry it’s been a while but I’ve been really busy around here. Hoping that makes this crappy weather go faster before we can enjoy weather like you spoiled folk in Alabama! I have off of work today, Friday and Monday because my sitter is in Mexico soaking up some rays. Rather than scramble to figure out alternate child care, I just got the days off of work. Right now they are both taking a nap which enables me to read some of my e-mail and catch up on your blog.
    We will be having Abby’s birthday party on Saturday, the 17th at 3-ish (after naps). Abby went shopping with me last night to buy some food for it and was just beside her self with excitement! It’s going to be a princess party because she would not have it any other way. She’s definitely out of the Sesame Street mode and really seems to want nothing to do with it anymore. How quickly their likes & dislikes change! And how obsessed she is with everything princess! She has been behaving better and better each day and is still in lingo with the potty training, will go but not every time. She’s taking a nap with underwear on right now so we’ll see if there’s a mess waiting for me when she wakes up, but she really didn’t want to take the underwear off for naptime.
    Kaitlyn had her 6 month check up on Tuesday and is 18.9 lbs & 27 inches–90th percentile. She’s been eating more and more lately too, really likes those vegetables better than fruits, but doesn’t pass up any opportunity to “razz” the food back at you after it goes in her mouth. I’ve been trying to tell her “no” but all she does is shake her head back at you and smile. Oh well. Funny story about going to the doctor appt for Kaitlyn. Backing up you have to remember that Abby went to 9 months of doctor visits with me before Kaitlyn was born and 6 months of visits now that Kaitlyn is here. She LOVES going to the doctors offices–I think thats because she’s never the actual patient. Anyways, at Kaitlyn’s 6 month appt., Abby was insistant that she at least get to take her shoes off because Kaitlyn was stripped down to her diaper and I could see the jealous wheels turn that she wasn’t going to get a check up too. In the mean time, waiting for the doctor, I decided to give Abby the flu shot this year because of the baby. Talking about it with the nurse Abby was SOOOO excited that she was going to get something out of this visit too and kept proudly saying she was going to get a shot! I’m thinking she obviously doesn’t remember getting any of her own and this will not be pretty, but I kept up with how great it was going to be and she was just as happy. When it came time after the doctor’s visit for them, three nurses came in the room to “hold” her on the exam table. Abby was just laying there with a look of why is there suddenly all these people around me? They gave her the shot in her thigh and her expression NEVER changed, it was still a look of why are you all holding me? And to top it all off she was STILL so excited I think she would do it again and again if it meant she would get seen at the doctor’s office! Well, she just woke up from her nap and no wet pants! I finally talked her into going to the bathroom now before she forgets to later so it’s all good!
    Well, hope ya’all had a great trip to Georgia and have a lot of great pictures to share–showing how warm and sunny the weather is at least somewhere it’s not here. I’ll be mailing out Ben’s gift really soon here so be on the look out after this weekend!
    Talk to you later!

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