Everybody’s Workin’ For The Weekend

… and some are still working on the weekend.  I apologize for not posting at all during the week, but as you might suspect, things were very busy.  I must have set a record for meetings as there were the usual I had on tap in addition to the ones to bring everyone up to speed on what I learned at the conference last week in Savannah and then all of those to introduce Sup to everyone and get him squared away.  Then I had my first classes this week.  I must have been ready to get back to class as I have used up every minute in each one (and one I ran 5 minutes over!), which is something that is pretty rare for me.  And then there is the planning for all of the meetings in the coming week.  It just never ends, does it.  That is why I am at JSU by 3 or 4am every day I am at school and why I am up at 3am every morning on the days I am not there typing on the computer.  I am just trying to keep my head above water!

It was Ben’s birthday yesterday and Jet, Sup, and I went to the Porterhouse Cafe’ to celebrate.  It was the first time that Sup had “Southern” food (greens, cornbread, etc.) and I think he enjoyed it.  The bananna pudding was exceptional.  We stopped by “PetSmart” just before lunch to show Ben some of the animals and to consider getting Ben some pet fish for his birthday.  Jet was a bit reluctant, however, because the last time we had gotten some fish about 7 years ago (goldfish, I think), it died in just a day or so and it tore her up as she likely felt that she had a role in it’s death.  Thai people (Budhist culture) are strongly against killing things.  We’ll see what happens.  I walked Ben around the Wal-Mart toys section to get a feel what he might like, but he was just into anything for about a minute, which he then tossed aside for something else for another minute.  It’s hard to do any quality market research when there are so many distractions.  So on the way back home from lunch, I stopped with Sup and Ben at the fireworks store.  Maybe a few firecrackers would be just the trick for Ben’s big birthday bash tomorrow (Sunday) evening.  I had no idea what to get so I explained to the gal working there that I didn’t want anything too elaborate as this was just something I wanted to do ‘for the kids’ at Ben’s party.  After all, I didn’t want a repeat of the fireworks display from the fourth of July in Milwaukee a couple years ago now.  I told the gal that my budget was ‘around $20-$30’ and asked if she could help pick some things out.  She promptly started pulling things from the shelf from everywhere describing what they did (lots of things that shoot off sparks), in total, well over $100 worth of fireworks.  She got up to the check-out and just rang it all up at $30.  Either the mark-up for fireworks is huge, she was trying to get rid of old fireworks, or she was just a really nice person, but we got a ton of stuff to shoot off tomorrow night.  It’s only supposed to be 45 degrees at about that time tomorrow, so maybe we will have a big audience watching from indoors.  A few of our neighbors (they will remain nameless) just about refused going outside at all yesterday because of the temperatures in the teens and twenties.  I guess you can’t blame them because it hasn’t been that cold down here in about six years or so.  I’m sure that there will be a story or two to come from the fireworks, though.  There always seems to be, doesn’t it?

Andrew Bogut, eh?  For a conversation piece, you could ask him about the U.S. Aussie Rules Football championship in Milwaukee back in October 2005 that he visited, likely not long after he arrived here.  Of course that is where I got the Aussie Rules football signed by him that is in Bryon’s trophy case today, the same “footy” that when I gave it to Bryon as a gift, he was like, “what the heck is this” and even more remarkable, had no idea who had signed the footy.  What a sports fan, eh?  Glad to hear that he will be out of the hospital soon, though.  It has really been a tough month-6 weeks, hasn’t it?


One Response to “Everybody’s Workin’ For The Weekend”

  1. Linda & Donald Says:

    I will name the “nameless”. It was neighbor Linda. The one who was sick for a full two months with crud and didn’t want a relapse! I really did hate missing Ben on his birthday!

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