Hello Eddy!

A recent comment that we received was listed as being from Eddy Reese.  Hmmm … there is only one Eddy Reese that I am familiar with, the one that host’s the Southern Shopper every Monday night.  Jet contacted him back and it is indeed him.  Wow!  I only had a moment for Jet to tell me more, but she did say that he was very nice and she invited both Eddy and his wife over for some Thai cooking.  We will see if they accept, but I am just speechless that he was so willing to reach out to us and was interested in meeting us.  We’ll see what happens.

Ben has been pretty wild since he has turned two (only about two weeks ago).  Jensen was over to play with him on Saturday, and even though Jensen is about two months older than Ben, Ben was certainly the dominant male.  Every toy that Jensen picked up, Ben would say “mine” and take it from him.  When I forced Ben to share, he just began to cry and complain.  Come to think of it, Ben has been doing a lot more crying and complaining lately.  He also has been drooling pretty good over the past few weeks as well, which my colleague mentioned that Ben might be getting his two-year molars in.  Ben also seems to be getting a bit “tougher”.  Sup will comment that he runs into things or falls off of something, and instead of crying, he will look at the thing that caused him problems and hit it as if to say, “what did you do that for?” or “why did you get in my way?”. 

We took Pookie to the Atlanta airport yesterday so that she could fly back home.  Just before we left, I had Ben’s pacifier and told him that I was going to throw it in the garbage.  He looked at me, smiled, and said “OK”.  I “fake” threw his pacifier in the garbage (I slipped it in my pants pocket instead) and he seemed to be just fine with it.  On the ride to Atlanta, I told Jet what I had done and we agreed that we would not give him the pacifier back.  Jet and I had talked about putting an end to the pacifier for the past few weeks, so why not stop it now?  Ben asked for it a few times on the ride there and on the way back until he just fell asleep with his bear (“Buddy”).  Every time Ben asked, I said that he told me it was alright to throw it in the garbage.  When it was time for sleep at night, Ben cried for about a good half-hour until he fell asleep, well, at least that is what Jet told me because I fell asleep before both of them.  Hopefully his complaining will become less and less and he will stop asking about his pacifier.


4 Responses to “Hello Eddy!”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Everything going fine up here in Appleton. Nothing new to report as of yet.
    Seemed like the surprise visit from Pookie went well, glad to hear that.
    I am hoping one day we can do a suprise visit.
    Jenna is finally felling a little better. She decided for a couple days she did not like me anymore. I was the evil one who blew and cleaned out her nose. She did not like that. For a couple of days she did not want anyone to even touch her face for the fear of them blowing her nose. She woke up today with a little cough and eye boogers but her nose was fine.
    I can say one thing, i am glad she does not like the pacifer. I have every size and shape and when she plays with them she chews every side but the right way of putting it into her mouth. She has also officially started waving. She starts out by waving to the person then she starts waving to herself and stares at her fingers going up and down. What a goof. She is also crawling everywhere. She follows me in the kitchen, the bedrooms, whereever I go she is following. She acts like a puppy, for when she finally catches up to me she rubs her head on my leg. I guess it does not help that when she does catch up to me I pat her head and tell her “nice puppy.”
    Ok, I will talk to you later.

  2. lou Says:

    Hello! Dad’s Birthday was very fun. The food was excellent. It was nice having an adult dinner without any kids. I think the highlight of the night was what else, Aunt Sue’s stories about her first and second husband. We’ll have to fill you in next time your in town. Dad was happy to see his Slinger pass present although I think he was hoping for tickets somewhere. I hope if you are in the US July and Auguest you three will make it up to Milwaukee: )

  3. Lou Says:

    FYI no one know what you are talking about with this whole Eddy and southern shopper thing.

  4. Stephanie Says:

    Hi Andy and Jet,
    I took Michaela’s Pacifier away just before she turned two. We talked about with her for a few days and then she threw it in the garbage. She did ask for it that day at nap time and I asked her where it was and she cried and yelled out “Garbage!” She used to love to see the garbage men come, but that changed things a little. Anyway, it took a couple of days and a few tears, but she got over it. So my advice is to stick with it and keep it “gone”.
    Have a great week.

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