Super Tuesday

Well, I guess there is nothing special about today, so why not call it “Super Tuesday” just to liven things up?  The Super Bowl party at Dan’s house was fantastic on Sunday.  Ben woke up a little late from his afternoon nap, so we arrived closer to 5:00pm instead of 4:00pm.  That turned out to be alright because all of the food (especially the beer brats and kraut) was ready and waiting for us.  We watched the first half and then headed out for our second-annual halftime football match-up.  My team (Dan, Miranda, Peyton, and I) started out hot and kept pace with our competition (Brandon, Natalie, Patrick, and Mr. Brown … Jason was all-time quarterback), but the breaks kept falling their way and turned a close game into a laugher.  Although Dan has a few flood lights around his house, a good part of the playing field was dark, which made it interesting catching the ball.  We went back into the house just in time for the start of the second half, but by then Ben was about ready for his nap.  Sensing the game was about to go all the Steelers way, we walked back home across the street to call it a night.  It was a good thing I turned the TV on before bed or else I would have missed the exciting finish to the game.  Although I am not a Cardinals or Steelers fan, I am confused why there was not an extensive “booth” review of the Kurt Warner “fumble” at the very end.  Wasn’t that a pretty big play that might have merited a second look?  Oh well, it was an exciting finish.

There is not much happening this week, just a lot of paperwork.  I spent some time over the weekend finishing our taxes while Jet was finishing up the paperwork to get Ben a Thai passport.  With all of the travels that we do back and forth to Thailand, we figure it will be easier if Ben had a Thai passport.  Hopefully that is the case.

This weekend is my birthday, but it is almost an afterthought after all of the birthday cake and sweets that I have eaten in the past month from everyone else’s birthdays.  We will head to Atlanta on my birthday (Sunday) for a celebration that is happening at the Thai temple, which should be fun.  Jet did book our tickets to Thailand and we will be leaving on April 30th and returning on July 10th.  Now we just have to work on finding a ride to and from the airport.  Dan was such a great help to us last year with that, so hopefully he is willing and able to help us out again.


3 Responses to “Super Tuesday”

  1. Jenny Says:

    I just have 1 thing to say to Jet about Thialand.
    How much should I send you for you to pick me up some really good purses when your there?

  2. sweethomealabama Says:

    Do you use the purse that I have to you? How many do you want? What do you mean really good purse? Brand name? Let me know more details so I can tell you. You have about 3 months to let me know :). we talked to dad and he said we should visit you all again in Aug so we can go to state fair. That sounds like a plan unless Andy gets a job in Whitewater :). Miss you all. Jet and Ben

  3. Kristin Says:

    Jet I had wanted to post to you. Andy had mentioned that you wanted to switch doctors for Ben because other people had said that theirs were better. I just want you to answer a question, did you want to change before or after you talked to these people? If you were satisfied with Ben’s doctor before, you should not listen to what other people say. You know the old saying, “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. I guarentee if you switch based on what other people say you will always be changing. Someone will always know a doctor who is better, who has a better waiting room, a quicker waiting time… the list goes on. You should be very happy that your doctor is not quick to give Ben a perscription, too many doctors whip out that pad when it is not necessary. I am all for giving pills when needed, but doctors give them out like candy. A lot of times it is for the benifit of the parents, so they can feel like they are doing something to make their child feel better, when all they are really doing is getting a lot of children immune to antibiotics. Most of the time kids just need some time to get over what they have. I have been one of those parents who questions the doctor not giving “something” to make one of the kids feel better, ever time the doctor has been right. That’s why I won’t change, no matter who knows someone better. That being said, if you are truly not happy with his doctor, for your own reasons, than you should change. Give it some thought.
    On a diffrent note I got your check today, thank you. I hope to hear that Andy will be vising here soon.

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