Almost Birthday

Just finished having a quick chat with Kristin on Facebook and she brought up the Turkey meal(with all the fixings) that she will be making to celebrate Janette’s and my birthday on Sunday.  Too bad that I won’t be there to celebrate.  I hope someone at least gives me a call at about the time everyone starts singing “happy birthday”.  Jet has been prodding me for weeks about what present I want for my birthday so I just asked for a 2GB iPod shuffle.  The one I currently have (which I haven’t been able to find for the last week or so) only has a quarter of that space and holds a little over 100 songs.  I just love the iPod shuffle because I took it everywhere with me in Thailand – running, traveling on the long bus rides, waling around the city, etc.  I also use it when I cut the grass and do some running, well, not lately that is since I can’t find it.  Well, if there is something to say about Jet it is that she doesn’t like secrets (e.g., the countless stories that she tells of me giving her surprise gifts) and even worse, she can’t keep secrets.  I sat in the back seat of our car with Ben on the way to get BBQ on Monday and saw the DVD movie “Fireproof” on the floor.  I asked Jet what it was and instead of coming up with some clever story, she simply said “Nuts … that was our Valentine’s present”.  Like I wouldn’t have found the DVD before Valentines’ sitting there on the floor.  Yeah right.  Anyways, I was looking at eBay yesterday and beganto make bids for a new 2GB iPod shuffle when Jet excitedly told me that she just bought me one for my birthday on eBay.  Even worse, she won the eBay auction using my eBay account.  She did access my e-mail and deleted the ‘winner’ notice, but come on, really – like I would not have found out some other way.  I guess that is what makes Jet so special though and is the charm about her.  I can’t imagine a better birthday present.


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