Birthday Meal

Being the cheap person that I am, I wondered which places in the area I could get some free food for my birthday.  As it turns out, there are quite a few by simply registering at the restaurant’s Website.  I brought back a free jumbo fish platter for us to eat yesterday and I have a few more coupons to use up at other places within the next two weeks.  Boy, I am cheap.

I went for a short (2.5 mile) run with Sup yesterday afternoon.  It was sunny and about 60 degrees – a nice change of pace from the 5 mile run in 25 degree weather on Wednesday.  Jet had already gone to work, so I just strapped Ben into the jogging stroller and headed off.  I had only used the jogging stroller once or twice before with Ben and if I am not mistaken, it was almost exactly one year ago too.  The funny thing was that Ben did the exact same thing sitting in the stroller this time as he did one year ago – just sit there motionless with his arms resting at his sides.  After finishing the first of two laps around the neighborhood, I asked Ben if he wanted to “go again” and he said “yes”, which were the only words he spoke during the 20+ minute run.  While running pushing Ben, I remembered why I hadn’t done it much more often; the stroller pushes to the left unless you raise the front end up and go only on the back two wheels, it is tough to push the stroller up hills, and it is really tough to run without swinging my arms (two hands pushing the stroller).  Regardless, we finished and I felt good about myself for getting the run in.  I now have a scratchy throat this morning so I am wondering if I caught a cold from being outside.  Gosh I hope not.

Our neighbor Dan walked across the street to our house last night and had two bowls of piping hot soup in his hands.  It turns out he made some very good soup yesterday for dinner (and made plenty of it), but he just wanted to share some with Sup and I.  What great neighbors we have.  I don’t know if I was more impressed with Dan sharing his soup with us or with Dan walking over with two piping hot bowls of soup in his hands for us.  Regardless, the soup was delicious.


7 Responses to “Birthday Meal”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Yes Andy you are cheap. You would be one of those people we hear about on the news, “Homeless man dies, 1 million in his bank account” if it weren’t for Jet.
    Glad to hear the the weather has improved there. Right now, at 8:30am, it is a balmy 45 degrees. The snow is melting fast, revealing the piles underneath. Boy, Bryon will be busy cleaning the yard the next couple days (having a bum knee has it’s advantages). Now the dogs will have nice, mushy, muddy lawn to run and play on. Hurray.
    Well I have the house cleaned for your and Janette’s birthday party tomorrow. In typical Ciganek fasion, there is confusion about the time and place. Stephanie emailed me because she had thought the party was at dad’s house at 3ish. It is at our house, dad is making the turkey and stuffing, and I have been telling people 4:30- 5ish. It all works out in the end. Now the the temps are expected to top out at 50 tomorrow I wonder if it will feel alittle strange having a turkey dinner? Maybe grilling out would have been better. Oh well we will have all summer for that.
    Have a great day. What kind of cake did you want us to eat for your birthday?

  2. sweethomealabama Says:

    Jannette, happy b-day. The card is on the way. We wish we are there to celebrate with you. Andy doesn’t want anything special so I made a cake for him and he decided making the frosting with his own recipe but it is actually very good. We will go to Atlanta on his b-day and come home to eat the cake later with Donald and Linda. Have fun on your birthday. Miss you, Jet

  3. Kristin Says:

    Andy, Bryon would like to know if you guys are having financial problems, since you have to find all the free meals to feed your family. He said he is willing to float you a loan until things pick up. Let him know.

  4. Linda & Donald Says:

    Maybe the soup Dan brought over was because you looked hungry from being cheap! Just kidding! We all could stand to be a little on the cheap these days.

  5. sweethomealabama Says:

    Krintin, Yes …. this is your brother. Please tell Bryon it has nothing to do with me. But at least he is willing for me and Ben to eat and live healty and weathly enough so he has to be so cheap. Don’t tell anyone ok? 🙂 Will see how he respond with his present tomorrow. Jet

  6. Janette Says:

    Happy 32nd Birthday Andy!! It was definitely a great evening, considering I haven’t celebrated our birthday since you skipped town on me. It had an air of the holidays with the turkey & stuffing but was quite delicious and I took home a lot of leftovers! I hope you got the pictures I e-mailed you and enjoy them, it was a lot of fun capturing the moments to send your way soon after, gotta love technology!
    Jeremy and I went to eat at Red Lobster in Madison last night and to see a movie afterwords before we came home. Turns out that Jeremy should have communicated with the sisters on what present to get me because they both ended up getting me coffee makers. I am having a very hard time decided which one to return since they are both excellent makers!
    Kids are doing well here. Abby decided the eggs she ate for breakfast didn’t agree with her this morning and brought them back out for Jeremy to clean up, but she was perfectly fine since. Not sure what that was all about, but she really had her fill of food the rest of the day and enjoyed every bit of it. Sam and Abby’s new ritual from our visits to their house is to get into princess dresses and play until it’s time for a bath/shower and continue the fun together there as well. It almost makes me wish that Abby had a sibling a bit older than Kaitlyn, but then I remember how much fun Abby is when she’s being sassy or naughty and know one is definitely enough right now! Kaitlyn is still determined not to crawl but she’s been doing things lately that convince me not to quite give up yet. She can hold herself up quite well on the floor–before she remember’s she doesn’t want to be there, and she can contort her body so much that eventually she’s going to just fall into it. No teeth yet, I get more convinced every day that she has the Ciganek curse and won’t get them until she’s a year old. Abby started at 6 months so that definitely wasn’t our genes at work!
    Hope you had a great birthday and best wishes in this our 32nd year!!

  7. wow Says:

    Andy, you are so funny. I visit your blog frequently but never think about writing comments but this one really, it can’t stop me…. I almost cried on 365! but this one switched off all of my emotional feeling!!

    Have a great day and see u guys in Thailand soon!

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