Meat In the Mail

So I get a big package again this year with heaps of brats and cheese in the mail again this year.  What a great idea!  As soon as I got the package on Thursday night, I rushed over to Dan’s house (my Wisconsin neighbor) and opened the package there.  They would be the only ones to truly appreciate such a wonderful gift that it was.  Jet and I look forward to eating a little slice of Milwaukee over the next few weeks.  Thanks Kristin and Sandy!

I have been grading reports for much of the week and have been rushing to get several research papers either completed or revised and sent back out.  I am pretty sure that work will keep me busy for at least the next week or so.  Sup was terrific last night playing with Ben, which allowed me time to sit at the computer and get work done.  Sup has really become Ben’s best friend right now.  When we pulled into the driveway yesterday afternoon, the first time that Ben had seen Sup since Sunday (Sup spends all week working at JSU), Ben gave out a big “Yeah!” and ran to him instead of me.  Oh well, the rest of the week when I come home alone, Jet gets Ben worked up to see me and he usually runs to give me a big hug. 

Ben is getting bigger, though, even if his weight might not be changing that much to support that claim.  I was cleaning up after him in the living room on Thursday when I noticed the door to the garage open.  I rushed over to see if he was wandering around outside, but he was just waiting at the step of the door just barely peeking back, as if to see if I was either noticing what he was doing or waiting for my approval.  The good thing about Ben right now is that you can tell him “No touch!” or “No!” once (at least I can) and he will follow my instructions – at least for the rest of the day.  I wonder if that will last.  Ben is also getting much tougher too.  Anytime he runs into something or gets hurt somehow, he simply shakes it off without crying, gets back up and slaps whatever it is that got in his way while shouting “knee”, which I guess is Thai for “What did you do that for?”  It actually sounds like Monty Python and the “Knights who say Ni”.  It’s actually pretty funny when Ben will simply trip on his own, get up, and then slap the ground saying “knee”.  Priceless.


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