Classic on (Almost) Valentines

We are planning to go to Classic on Noble for brunch to celebrate Valentines Day this morning, albeit one day late.  We had eaten there once before and it is by far the best buffet I had ever eaten at – and that includes all of the Las Vegas buffets I tried a few years back.  We are going out this morning because we did not celebrate much at all yesterday, with the exception of the card that Ben and I made to suprise Jet (I did the writing, Ben did the artistic).  We will be going with Jet’s friend Amber and Matt and Sup will stay behind and watch Ben and Olivia (their daughter).  It should be a great time, but hopefully I don’t end up eating too much!

Donald gave me a call yesterday morning and offered me two pancake breakfast tickets that he did not plan to use so Sup and I took Ben for some hotcakes (not “Sandy cakes” or “slappy jacks”).  The breakfast was hosted by the masonic lodge in Anniston, so when we arrived, I knew quite a few people there running the show.  Sup and I each got three pancakes and two sausage patties and an invitation to come back for more, but that was plenty for all three of us.  Ben ended up getting more syrup on his hands and shirt than on his pancake, but he seemed to enjoy himself. 

We stopped by Winn-Dixie to pick up some brat buns (actually, Philly cheese steak buns were the closest thing they had) in case Jet had a taste for some brats.  When we got back home, Jet was surprised (and happy) that I picked them up because she was trying to reach me so that I would buy brat buns, but I accidentally had my cell phone turned off.  I suppose that was a “Valentine” connection working there.  Jet grilled the last of our “old” brats for lunch (“Packer” brats that we brought back with us from Christmas) and they were tasty and so filling that I didn’t need to eat any supper.  Unfortunately, it gave me heartburn late last night that was not too pleasant, which is strange because I have a pretty robust stomach and I actually can’t remember the last time I had heartburn (several years ago I am sure).  Oh well, onto a delicious brunch this morning.


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  1. Kristin Says:

    Well I am offically blaming it on you. Since you said you were coming back to town the snow has also returned. We got about 2 inched friday night and woke to flurries this morning. Snow on the ground did not hamper our Valentine plans. Bryon and I went to Potowomi on Friday night while Will and Irene watched the kids. We got home around 9:30 with about 135 dollars more than we left with. Then on Sat Maggie took Ty and Sam to the Falls to see the ice sculptures which were being carved for their “big chill”. While she was gone I grilled up some rib eyes and lobster tails, boiled some shrimp and sauted the HUGE scallops Maggie had brought over. We has salad, sauted zuccini and baked pot. to round off the meal. Served with a nice bottle (or two) of wine. For dessert I had made a taffy apple pie and dad brought some champane to toast the occation. I would have to say the we were all stuffed at the end.
    Today is a very boring day. I am on house arrest due to it being my work day. That means I can’t leave, and it is to cold out to do anything. We are slated to get some more snow tues night into wed mornning, once again I blame you. Nothing else really new. We will be getting a new furnace and central air next week. Soon to be followed by a new counter, and upstair bathroom. I told Bryon, sure you like it thet I’m not working right now (I’m always home for the kids), but now I notice all the things that need to be done to the house. We’ll see how much more I can get done before I get back to work.
    Hope all is well. I haven’t heard from Jet for awhile so I will assume all is good. talk to you soon.

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