We Are Safe

Just wanted to pass along a quick update on the weather we had yesterday (Wednesday).  The forecasters said on Tuesday that there was a good chance for severe weather on Wednesday afternoon, and there was.  Just as we were about to head to our monthly departmental meeting at 3:00pm, the tornado warning sirens started going off.  I quickly check the weather radar online and saw that there was a spotted funnel cloud heading out of Birmingham going along I-20, but it looked like it was going to stay south of Jacksonville and JSU.  I called up Jet and she was just heading back from Birmingham from shopping, and despite my objection, she ended up driving back home literally following the storm and funnel cloud the entire way home (just minutes behind it).  Incidentally, Donald and Linda were only a few minutes behind Jet as they were returning from some doctor’s appointments in Birmingham.  I ended up waiting at JSU in one of the ground floor lecture halls with everyone else in my building for about an hour watching the weather radar online.  Once that storm passed, it seemed that the worst was over so I headed back home in Oxford.  From the reports I heard on the news, the funnel cloud did not reach the ground as it passed through Oxford 3 miles just north of our house, but if it did, the tornado hit nearby the Winn-Dixie as there were trees downed and other substantial damage there.  There were some good pictures of the wall cloud and damage in the Anniston Star.  As I was passing through Anniston on the way home (about halfway home), I looked over to my right out to the west and thought that it looked like another wall cloud approaching.  By the time I reached home (about 15 minutes later), the tornado warning sirens were going off again as indeed another funnel cloud passed where I had just been.  There was one further tornado warning another hour later (around 5:30pm – 6:00pm) for another funnel cloud that was about 15 miles south of us in Lineville, but by then the sun had gone down and the threat for any more tornadoes went away.  So we are safe after an eventful afternoon-evening.


One Response to “We Are Safe”

  1. Janette Says:

    Just think, you could have been up here enjoying the calm snowfall instead!

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