Feeling Alright

After lots of rest during the week, Jet is now feeling much better.  We are quite thankful that both Ben and I did not come down with the same illness.  I am glad that I had the extra time to spend with Ben over the past few days.  He is just one funny guy to watch and you always wonder what he will say next.  The weather was just beautiful yesterday (77 degrees and sunny), so after Sup and I did another 10 mile run at JSU, we got back home, I cut the grass, and then washed and waxed my car with Ben.  I would scrub my car down and then let Ben spray it down with the hose.  I am surprised that Ben never turned the hose on me!  One thing that I did find out is that Ben is terrified of bees.  There are very large bumble bees that fly around this time of year and they are completely harmless.  In past years, Donald has actually grabbed them in mid-air (just to prove that he could) and then toss them away without getting stung.  As soon as Ben saw that bee he started shouting “Bee!  Bee!  Bee!” and insisted that I hold him.  I wonder what was the cause of that?  We haven’t seen any movies with bees in them.  And as for cutting the grass, I got 7 full bags of the stuff which is nearly a record (9 is the most I ever cut at one time), which was surprising since our lawn is still brown and dry.  I guess you never know how much the stuff can still grow over the winter.  Jet’s birthday is coming up, so there are a few plans to have guests over for dinner and cake.  The weather is going to be so good again today, perhaps we’ll just grill up some brats and spend much of our time outside.  My mouth is watering just thinking about the brats.


One Response to “Feeling Alright”

  1. Sandy Says:

    I got a present from Ben today! Thanks Ben! I would love to have brats but instead we are going to Takara for a habachi dinner! It is terrible weather here today does not look like an end in site. Rain throughout the day and then by the time we leave for dinner it should be a snow/ rain mix. No one is coming from out of town to celebrate with me just the locals. Enjoy your sunshine!

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