In Charleston

I have a few minutes before I have to give my first presentation, so what better time to give an update?  We left Oxford, Alabama yesterday at 8:30am so that we had enough time to drop Sup off at the airport for his flight back to Thailand over the spring break.  We drove in Amber’s (Jet’s friend) SUV and her daughter, Oliva.  With Jet and Ben also in tow, there were 6 passengers for 5 seats.  I decided to sit in the very back of the SUV, squished between the luggage, until we reached the Atlanta airport to drop Sup off.  After that (and shaking off my legs and feet that had fallen asleep), I drove the rest of the way.  The drive was not too bad as we arrived in Charleston at around 3:30pm (4:30pm local time).  We passed an outlet shopping mall just as we arrived in Charleston, so Jet and Amber took the kids with them after we checked into our rooms to leave me alone to finish up my presentations for today.  They got back at around 8:00pm (local time) and we all headed out for dinner at a Greek-Seafood restaurant a few blocks from the hotel.  We had the Gyro plate, which came with a Greek salad and a Greek-inspired chicken soup, which were all delicious – perhaps it was because we were all so hungry.  After dinner, we went right back to the hotel where Jet showed off her new (and very cheap) Coach purse, and then it was time for bed.

We are in Charleston for the Southern Association of Information Systems (SAIS) conference where I had three research papers accepted.  Lucky me (no, really), I get to present all three today (Friday).  While I am busy here at the hotel, Jet will travel with Amber and the kids around town for shopping and the sights.  Amber has relatives in the area and has been to Charleston several times before, so they should have a busy day planned ahead.  I think I overheard them talking about going to the beach in the morning (it was only 70 degrees yesterday and is supposed to be much cooler today) and the aquarium at some point.  The conference ends tomorrow after lunch and we are planning on returning back to Alabama after it is over, so we should be back home sometime Saturday night.  With spring break ahead for the next week, it would be nice to get a break.  Unfortunately I had major projects due in all of my classes yesterday, so I have a lot of grading to catch up on once I get back home.  Maybe there will be a little time for some rest and relaxation – after all, it is spring break.


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