Spring Break

Well, the start of the week turned into a really good spring break.  The first few days early in the week I caught more sleep than I had all of last week combined.  It was good that I caught that sleep because the last few days I haven’t gotten much.  Jet took Ben to the dentist to check out his teeth on Thursday morning, and it turned out that Ben has a few cavities and will likely need surgery to repair them.  We will likely try to have something scheduled before we go back to Thailand, so hopefully that goes well.  On Thursday night, almost at midnight, Ben walked from his room and stood in the doorway of our room and woke us up.  He had a fever of 103 and he didn’t get much sleep that night.  Neither did we.  We sat Ben down in our bed first and gave him some Motrin, but before it kicked in, he kept on saying “hurt, hurt” and pointing to his head and stomach.  It was the saddest thing I had ever heard from Ben.  Well, for the next two days, Ben has had his fever come and go – much like it used to every month before he turned two.  If it holds true to form, sometime tomorrow (Sunday) evening it should pass.  That means another night of little sleep.  With Jet working the past few nights, it has just been me and Ben 24-7, which has been fun when his fever hasn’t gotten the best of him.  Ben enjoys kicking balls back and forth to each other and he also enjoys catching the balls that I toss to him (at a close distance, say five feet).  The funnest thing he does is line up two balls next to each other, run up to them, and with both feet (almost in a hopping fashion) kick both balls at the same time.  It is quite a sight to see and it brings a smile to all of our faces.  Well, I hope this fever is on its way out because my spring break almost is.


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