Playhouse Disney

Well, the severe weather never did materialize last night, which was good news.  The cold I had was still around, but it didn’t matter as I bought tickets for Playhouse Disney at the BJCC at noon today.  I purchased the third balcony (cheapest) seats for $15 last night because I figured we would be able to “move up” or upgrade our seats once we arrived.  Sure enough, much of the second tier had open seats, so we ended up sitting in the middle of the very front row – great seats.  Ben was just absolutely amazed because he did not know what to expect or really what was going on.  When the lights dimmed to start the show, Ben was more scared than excited and was quiet for most of the performance.  The show went on for about 40 minutes, had a 20 minute break, then finished up with another 20-30 minutes.  I just wonder how Ben will recall the show in the coming days, especially tomorrow when he watches any of the shows on Disney (i.e., Little Einsteins, Tigger and Pooh, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, or Handy Manny).  I think Ben had the most fun anytime Mickey Mouse was on the stage and led the crowd in the “Hot Dog” dance.  I stood up holding Ben and was moving his arms and legs for him because Ben was like a statue staring out at the stage during the entire performance.  We had a pretty good time, though.  We took a few pictures just before the show began and afterwards outside the BJCC.  My favorites were the ones taken just outside the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, which is located right next to the BJCC.  Jet will have some of her Thai friends over for dinner tonight to wrap up a very good day.


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  1. Stephanie Says:

    I am so glad that Ben was able to get his teeth taken care of now. Keep reading all of the labels to check the sugar content of what you give Ben – I know that for us even though things sound good like 100% fruit juice and “all natural” reading the label often shows that there are other ingredients or sugars added.
    Little Christi is doing very well. She sleeps and eats – with a little bit of fussing in between – ahhhh the life. 3 of the 4 older kids are on antibiotics for Bronchitis. We make it through most of the winter healthy and when the baby comes everyone gets sick.
    Michaela and Jacob have a ton of play practices the next few weeks. Next week the orchestra joins the practices. As of the last practice I saw – Michaela has the songs all down very well, just has not coordinated all of the motions yet. (I guess she got my ability for coordination.) Jake has his songs and lines down and needs to work on looking more natural with his movements. It is a lot of fun though. I think there is a total cast of 56 people made up of college students, hs kids, jr high kids & elementary kids.
    Thank you Jet & Andy for the adorable clothes. Girls are way more fun to “dress up”!

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