One Month To Go

In only one month we will be back in Thailand for the summer.  Man time does fly fast.  I spent much of the past weekend preparing for the MBA classes that I will be teaching.  Last summer I taught an MBA class that lasted four months and an executive MBA class that lasted two months.  This summer I will be teaching two classes that will last one month each – one in May and one in June.  Jet has also been spending a lot of time preparing for the MBA class that she will be teaching during the month of June.  It has been several years (since UW-Milwaukee) since Jet has taught a class, so she is both excited and nervous; excited about the opportunity to teach again, but nervous because she fears that she might be a bit “rusty”.  She spends time each night before going to bed (the only time she has without having to worry about Ben) reading, taking notes, and preparing for her class.  I know that she will do very well and that this will be a good experience for her.

We woke up at 1:20am this morning to the sound of the emergency sirens going off.  I rushed to turn on the TV to see what was going on and was both relieved and upset.  I was relieved because it was only for a severe thunderstorm that was approaching, upset because Calhoun county (our county) is one of the few that set the siren off for any kind of warning.  I was up for the next two hours trying to get back to sleep.  The temperatures got back into the 80’s again today, so Jet, Ben, and I took a walk outside after I got home from work.  It has been about two weeks since we last had the time to take a walk outside.  We had planned to take two laps around the whole neighborhood, but that changed quickly as every neighbor seemed to be outside or driving past along the way and wanted to stop and talk for a few minutes.  That’s what you get living in the South – lots of great people to talk to leaving less time for walking.

It will be a busy day for me tomorrow as I have classes to teach and I will be giving a presentation to the JSU community related to the work that I have done over the past year with international partnerships.  After that presentation, I will rush back home to meet up with Donald and head over to Tallapoosa, Georgia (just across the Alabama border, about 40 minutes from Oxford) to see a masonic degree done, which I am told will be something special.  Although we had a little severe weather early this morning which just ended up being some heavy rain that lasted a few minutes, we are expected to get some ‘real’ severe weather tomorrow – likely bringing the chance for tornadoes again.  Hopefully that will all pass and will be an uneventful day as I do have big plans for tomorrow.


One Response to “One Month To Go”

  1. Janette Says:

    …..still there?? Not sure if the weather has pulled a “Lizard of Oz” (as Abby likes to call it) and tossed your home somewhere else by now! Some crazy weather you are having lately!
    Once again, I’m working third shift, so I’m gonna write to you guys now before I can’t think straight–from no nap beforehand. I will be on break soon for a BIG cup of coffee that should tide me over for a few more hours. I won’t be catching too much of a nap after I get home though, I’m taking Abby to our big park in town for their annual Easter egg hunt. I’ve always wanted to take her but this is the first year that I know she won’t have a meltdown if we don’t do an afternoon nap–it’s at 1:30 p.m. So Jeremy will stay home with Kaitlyn who will be taking a nap, not that he finds it very exciting anyways. I’m meeting up with friends so I won’t be quite as lost as I would be otherwise when I get there–different types of “hunts” for different age groups in separate areas. Abby is excited to go but has no idea what she’s going to. By the way she would have loved to go to that Disney show. That is her favorite channel to watch-if she get’s up early enough in the morning-it’s the best way to keep her quiet while Kaitlyn is still sleeping. Let me tell you, the first time hotdogs were on the menu at work after that, the song ran thru my head ALL DAY. Kaitlyn is crawling everywhere now and can pull herself up on most furniture. She also does a little walking along furniture if motivated to get something out of her reach. Yesterday was her first big spill hitting her head on the bottom of the coffee table which left marks on her forehead and the side of her head. I tell ya, 9 months is where you realize you don’t have a baby anymore but a toddler! She is doing great, her one big fuss is clothes being put on her. She fights that quite well and gets very mad at us while she flails and trys to squirm away. It’s not pretty.
    I can hardly believe you are almost on your way to Thailand again! Where has the time gone? It seems like you just came back from there! Well, best of luck preparing for the end of your school year and getting ready for your time abroad! Hi Jet & Ben, can’t wait to see you soon!!!!!

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