Happy (Thai) New Year

What a busy time of year for us.  It is the end of the semester, there is a lot of preparation for the courses I will be teaching in Thailand, at some point we will have to start packing for Thailand as it is about three weeks away, there is the Thai New Year (Sonkran) celebration in Atlanta all day tomorrow, there is the neighborhood gathering one week from today, there is the Nashville marathon two weeks away, and … we are in the process of selling our house/packing/rummaging stuff we don’t want to move.  Other than that, it is just your typical week.  Yeah right.  For about three hours yesterday (from around 4:30pm – 7:30pm) sirens were blaring for tornadoes that were just to the north of us (by JSU) and just to the south of us (by Talladega).  Just your usual, lazy week.

We will be moving back to Wisconsin sometime this summer as I have accepted a position at UW-Whitewater.  There were not many positions out there that I would have considered leaving JSU for – in fact, this was the only position that I had applied to since I had arrived at JSU nearly three years ago.  This is a dream opportunity, however, as it is a very good school and back close to family and friends in Milwaukee.  It was a very difficult decision to leave JSU, but I am leaving on very good terms as I have been fortunate enough to have played a role in shaping the future directions of my department.  It will also be very difficult leaving the many friends and great neighbors we have – some that have been as close as family.  We just hope that by leaving that we do not lose touch with them.  It will also be hard leaving the nice, warm weather that Alabama has for about 11 months of the year, but I guess it won’t take long to get used to the Wisconsin weather again.  Well, I hope so.

This week we picked a real estate agent to work for us.  We might have just tried to sell the house ourselves, but since we are spending the next two months in Thailand, this is likely the best move for us.  Besides, actually signing the contract with the real estate agent has allowed us to really get into the moving mode.  Before signing with the agent, it almost seemed like we were half-hearted into the move.  I guess putting the pen to the paper has really put a fire into us (especially Jet) as we are going to have another big rummage on Friday and Saturday.  We have also rented a 10x10x10 storage unit so that we can pack most everything in the house and put it into storage before we leave for Thailand.  We figure that it will help for selling the house if it wasn’t full of clutter.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Time is ticking down for the Nashville marathon to arrive – just two weeks away!  I like to think that I am a smart man and like to think of all of the details in advance of any pursuit I take on, but one oversight I had was not realizing how much time it took to prepare for a marathon.  I was ready to put in the effort to run long distances, running 15+ miles two or three times a week, as I was fully prepared for that commitment.  But it never came to mind that it would take 2.5 – 3 hours each run.  With everything else going on right now and the lack of time in my schedule otherwise, it really is tough to commit up to 10 hours of daylight each week to running.  With the training that I have been doing with Sup, we have been running at a 9 minute pace which should put us at finishing in about 4 hours or so, but you can never tell until we actually start running.  Right now we run alone on a flat surface in ideal running conditions – and we haven’t run over 16 miles at a time (yet).  I have no idea of what to expect when we get to Nashville.  And we plan on driving back home afterwards.  I hope that does not turn out to be a dumb decision.  Well, if I end up finishing in under 5 hours I think I will be happy.  My race number for the marathon is 10135, so if you check out the Nashville Marathon Website in two weeks, they will post live results at the 5K, 10K, 10 mile, 13.1 mile, and 20 mile points so you can track my progress through the course.

Jet took Ben to the local carnival that was set up in the mall parking lot (see pictures below) earlier in the week and they both had a great time.  We took Ben to the same event last year and he was more scared than excited.  Jet said that Ben was all full of wonder this year and was just a bundle of amazement.  I wish I was there to have seen that.  At least she did get a few good pictures.  We picked up a Boston Butt BBQ earlier in the week that was sold by one of the neighbor kids (Brandon) as a fundraiser for his school soccer team.  It is delicious.  In two weeks when the Talladega race happens, the lodge nearby the race track will also sell Boston Butts.  I sure will miss the BBQ down here – there is really nothing like it up in Wisconsin.


2 Responses to “Happy (Thai) New Year”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Happy New Year Jet and a Happy Easter to you all. Bryon is at the Bucks game with the boys and the neighbors three boys, brave man. We will be going out for a brunch, then to Aunt Sue and Jeff’s for lupper. I can hardly wait!! Not much else new over here. Between Josh’s soccer practices and games, his little league practices and games, Ty’s little league practice and games, his Judo three times a week and their school work, we are kept pretty busy. At least Sam is not in the mix yet.
    Gotta go, Sam faound me, no more peace and quiet. Call soon

  2. lou Says:

    Happy Day! Its good to be on spring break. Now only if the Brewers could get more than one win in a row and do something about their terriable pitcher. As I write this the Reds just got a granslam: (
    Question what is going on in Tailand? I am worried about you guys going there in such a hostile climate. If the Prime Minister flees thats not good. Let me know

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