Catching Up

Just wanted to catch-up on things as I have not been posting much lately.  Things have been going well down here, but it sure has been busy.  The rummage on Friday and Saturday last weekend went great as we took in about $850 for a bunch of things that we did not want to move with us to Milwaukee.  We had a neighborhood gathering brunch just after the rummage ended on Saturday which went well, but unfortunately there were no ‘new’ neighbors that attended.  Oh well.  In what has become a weekly ritual, starting at 5:00pm on Sunday, there was nothing but sirens and watching James Spann report on the approaching severe weather.  It appeared that the worst had passed by 9:00pm, so I turned off the TV and was getting ready for bed.  By 10:00pm, however, the sirens went off again and kept going off.  I figured that I should check the TV again just to see what was going on, and James Spann reported that an apparent tornado was  a few minutes away and it looked like it was heading right for us!  Jet was working on preparing for her class in Thailand during all of this and we were discussing whether we should go to our “safe” spot or not, when only a minute later James Spann said that it was indeed heading towards Oxford and those living on “Friendship Drive” should seek shelter immediately.  We live just off Friendship drive (only 2 or 3 blocks away), so I woke Sup up, picked up a sleeping Ben, and we all cuddled into our hall closet for about 15-20 minutes.  It came and passed thankfully without much fanfare except a bit of lightning, rain, and wind.  Julie, our neighbor across the street, reported some damage to the gutters to her house, but I did not hear much else about damage in the area.  We’ll see what’s in store this week.

Only one week left until we leave for Thailand.  Our flight leaves at 1:00pm (Atlanta time) on Thursday (April 30) so we have asked our neighbor Dan to take us at around 8:00am.  Things will still be busy around here before then, though.  I will leave for Nashville with Sup on Friday for the marathon on Saturday and then plan returning back home afterwards.  We didn’t plan on getting a hotel, so we will likely sleep overnight in my car at LP Field (where the Titans play), which is the finishing point of the run and where shuttles are available to take you to the starting point early Saturday morning.  Sup was planning on flying to Chicago early next week so that he could spend time with his aunt and uncle before returning back to Thailand also on Thursday next week.  It now looks like Sup might just rent a car in Nashville and drive to Chicago after the marathon.  I hope this plan works out well because both Sup and myself might be in poor shape to drive long distances shortly after running the marathon.  I also hope that the temperatures stay cool in the morning during the run as it is supposed to get into the 80’s in Nashville on Saturday.

Ben has been pretty wild lately – but when has he not been.  Last week Thursday, Ben fell, hit his head, and got a big lump on his left forehead, then at the rummage on Saturday, he was running around and tripped, hitting his head and getting a big lump on his right forehead.  Ben is also picking up a lot of words lately, but has been very close to Jet as every night she has put him to bed and stays with him until he does go to sleep.  Every morning in the past week at about 3:00am, Ben has come into our room and has slept the rest of the night off with us.  Oh well.  I guess we have been lazy about correcting this because in another week his sleep patterns will change dramatically again.


One Response to “Catching Up”

  1. lou Says:

    Ben dresses better than most people I know in general. It is very cute. Have fun in Thailand. I hope you don’t run into any probs with the political chaos that going on over there. Hopefully your “agressive” real estate agent will have your house sold by the time you get back. How nice would that be. Maybe this year you and the fam will make it to Labor day in person instead of on the phone. Have fun and good luck!

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