Wet Weather

Every day that I have been in Bangkok so far (almost a week) it has been raining out.  It has only been raining an hour or two during the day and also at night, but I guess this should be expected as it is the start of the monsoon or “rainy” season over here.  I am a bit surprised because last year (from what I can recall), it did not rain as much.  The thing that really makes the weather different this year is at night.  Almost every night here there has been a brief thunderstorm that has passed through (no longer than 1 hour).  Lightning strikes the several large condos and skyscrapers around me so I often wake up to very loud crashes that sound as if they struck just outside my window.  I guess that this is something that I will get used to.  I took a picture looking out the window of my condo this morning as well as one when it was raining out pretty hard, which I share below.

I met up with Sup, Sonny (professor from JSU visiting Bangkok this week), and Father Bipin (a friend I made last year) at the ABAC Hua Mak campus, which is the place where I taught last year.  We were meeting at 9:30am to head off to the Bang Na (undergraduate) campus to meet with the “Father of the Thai Internet” and also get a tour of the campus from Father Bipin.  I arrived at the campus at 8:30am, so I took the extra time I had to meet up with the administrators that have both allowed me to teach classes again this year and have arranged my accommodations.  Everyone was quite happy to see me and I was given the invitation (once again) that I was welcome to teach at ABAC in a similar arrangement (only teach for 1 semester during the summer) for as long as I wanted.  Even though this was not the first time I had been told this, they were very nice to make the same offer again.  I guess this offer will be something that we will have to assess on a year-by-year basis.  Walking around the Hua Mak campus, I also ran into the same friendly security guards that I saw on a daily basis last year – one was so excited to see me that she walked to me an excitedly spoke a bunch of Thai to me that I could not understand.  Once she realized that I had no idea what she was talking about, she simply asked me if I was doing well in Thai, to which I responded “yes”.  That was a great experience.

We all did meet up at 9:30am and caught a taxi to the Bang Na campus.  We arrived about 45 minutes early for our 11:00am meeting, so we walked around the campus a bit to which Sonny captured it best, “this is not a campus, it’s a palace!”  We took a few pictures before our meeting, which I also share below.  The meeting was short (only 30 minutes), but was productive.  We continued on with our tour, but it began to rain, so we cut parts of the tour out and had an extended lunch on the campus instead.  The rain was starting to let up by 1:00pm, but Sonny needed to get back to meet up with his family (who also traveled to Thailand with him) who were shopping at the MBK mall, which is just a half-mile from my condo.  I went by taxi to the MBK mall with Sonny and walked with him to meet up with his family.  As I was about to leave, I had asked what they were planning on doing today (Thursday) and they said that they will likely be shopping at the Central World mall, which is the mall just across the street from me where I teach at.  I encouraged them to give me a call so that I could join them – particularly Sonny and his son so that we could catch a movie while his wife and daughter shop.  That should be at around 10:00am.  Oh yeah, here is a short video of where I teach this year.

Jet still says that she has her hands full with Ben.  The last two nights when she put Ben to bed, he has been reluctant to go to bed without her, so Jet left Ben with her mom and told him that she would leave to get him a toy, to which Ben would say, “OK”.  Jet did not return with the toy, but Ben still was able to fall asleep.  Jet told me that she took Ben to daycare for the first time (in the US or in Thailand) yesterday.  Jet said that the cost was 1000 Baht ($28) each month, but she did not tell me what the daily rate was.  I guess Ben was fine until lunchtime when he just cried and cried for about 45 minutes.  Jet said that the daycare tried to call her and have her pick Ben up, but Jet never got the phone call.  Another thing that Jet said about Ben is that he insists on speaking in English instead of in Thai – even though he is now only surrounded by people that speak just Thai.  Just something that is interesting.


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