I have just finished speaking with Jet this morning, and it appears that she will not come to visit this weekend because her sister would like to stay in their hometown of Phitsanulok until her flight back to Switzerland on Sunday evening.  As a result, Jet is working on postponing my wisdom tooth surgery to next weekend when she would be able to be there – I would rather not have the surgery without Jet around.  We’ll see what happens – who knows, maybe things will change again as quickly as they did this morning.

One thing that I did not mention last week was that there is another big change from the “cleaning” service from last year to this year.  You know that the lady comes three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when I am teaching) to clean the room instead of once a week as was the case last year.  In addition to this, the cleaning lady does all of my laundry and washes all of my dishes!  Talk about luxury service.  Jet said that I don’t have to pay the woman that does this, but that if I do see her, I could leave a 100 Baht ($3) tip for her.  How will I ever meet this person if she is working at the same time that I will be teaching?

Congratulations Sandy!  What great news to hear waking up in the morning.  I hope you got the voice-mail I left for you.  Jet was also very excited.  Speaking of Jet, she is still taking Ben to daycare everyday, which is only about $3/day.  Jet picks him up at noon everyday, though, because that is the time when the children eat, take a shower, and go down for a nap.  Jet says that Ben doesn’t eat there and can’t be put down for a nap, which cause problems for the daycare staff.  Is this common for kids just starting daycare?

Just a quick Ben story before I finish.  Jet told me yesterday that when Ben was sleeping on Tuesday night, he was talking to himself.  Is this normal for kids?  So what was Ben saying in his sleep? “No buckle!”, referring to not wanting to get buckled into his car seat (Jet guesses).  How funny.


2 Responses to “Postpone”

  1. Lou Says:

    Now that I have the green light….A lot is going on here as my school year is coming to an end. The kids are sooooooo sassy, but I am finally started to get the hang of putting them in their place. It still needs alot of work though. Tomorrow at our meeting I will find out what I am teaching next year. For sure Social Studies but they may have me teach another subject, like I taught religion this year. Next, year I know I am not teaching religion so they are going to fill it with another subject I am NOT certified in at all, like math, science, or english. This should be interesting.

    What else, Sandy and I ran Sarah’s Stride last Saturday. Sandy (taking it slow) finished with 27 min. I got a personal best with 30:52. Its no marathon, but I am proud. Then dad met us and we ate at Hart Fest. It was SOOOO Cold and windy. Dad was happy because they had Lineies -Origional of course- on tap.

    Actually that is about all. So there is not too much that is new with me. Adam and I are looking forward to our pool being opened soon. They began filling it yesterday. Tell Jet I went to Gloria yesterday and she asked about her. She’ll know who Gloria is.

    take care. Celebrate Memorial day in Thailand on Monday.

    PS: I put your picture of the Monkey with the soda can as my desktop background.

    PPS: go Brewers!

  2. Kristin Says:

    Hey guys. Andy I sent you an email. Let me know if you got it. Hope all is well. Miss you all very much.

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