That Sucked

As I predicted in my last post, plans for the weekend changed, then changed again. As it turned out, Jet and the family left for Bangkok at around 2:00pm and was able to arrive by 6:00pm. Jet had been in contact with the dentist office and the oral surgeon agreed to stay until the office closed at 7:30pm in case I would be able to make it in time. Jet and I left at 6:30pm for the hospital (about 20 minutes) and after checking my blood pressure when I arrived, I was sitting in the dentist chair getting prepped for the surgery. I was not put under (as I had mistakenly thought) and was given several novocaine shots for my one, remaining wisdom tooth. I had the same dentist that removed my other wisdom tooth three weeks ago and he was just great as he explained what was happening throughout the procedure. Unfortunately, there was just no way that he could make the extraction 100% pain-free. The shots into and around the nerve did help, though. I guess some ear-plugs for the drill would have been nice too. The dentist had to get at the remaining wisdom tooth first (it was not surfaced), then he drilled off the crown into 4 different pieces, then he yanked out the root and stitched the area back up. I am sure there are many others out there that have gone through the same procedure before, but the first and only thing I could say to Jet after the dentist had finished was, “that sucked”. And it surely did. I return on Saturday to have the stitches taken out, but I am sure glad that I had the procedure done here in Thailand. Sure it was at an upscale, expensive hospital over here, but this last procedure only cost $200 without any insurance coverage. The same procedure would have costed over $1000 after insurance in Anniston, Alabama. Maybe I will have them look at my “clicking” jaw next and get some advice about that.

I spent the night with Jet and the family on Saturday and all day yesterday (Sunday), which was great. In fact, I was walking to their condo door just as they were pulling into the parking lot on Saturday. They stopped, unstrapped Ben who had been tied down for the 4 hour drive, and he just leaped into my arms and was so very excited to see me. It was a stark contrast to the fever he had last weekend and Ben was just as happy as he could be the entire time I was with him. For a good part of Sunday I watched and played with Ben at my condo (they have a children’s play area across from the workout room), which Jet and her family went shopping. I was grateful to have the time alone with him as he was just wonderful to be around. They all left at 9:00pm last night so that I could get some rest and prepare for my class today. Speaking to Jet this morning, Jet’s sister made it to the airport for her midnight flight without any problem and they were on their way back to Phitsanulok. Jet is planning to fly back to Bangkok on Wednesday to stay for a couple of days to prepare for her class and give her mom a little “sample” of what it will be like to be alone with Ben, that is, without Jet or me as a backup. It may also be a good trial for Jet to get ready to be without Ben for a few days. Ben had taken a better liking to Jet’s mom over the past week, which is a very good sign. Hopefully that trend will continue.

Well, I will end this post on a couple of stories. The first involves me, the other Ben. Since this is Memorial day weekend, I decided to buy some hotdogs, bread (they don’t have hotdog buns here), and ketchup to celebrate on Friday. I opened the package of hotdogs, put two in the microwave for 30 seconds, dumped ketchup on them and a slice of bread and went to town. The hotdogs tasted awful, so I had to put a bunch more ketchup on them to dull the taste. Since I still had most of the hotdogs left, I decided to give them one more try on Saturday, when I realized a huge mistake that I had made. The hotdogs in the package were also individually wrapped. The reason they tasted so bad was because they were wrapped in plastic when I ate them. What a fool I am. Book smart, street dumb. As for Ben, when I was watching him last night, he got hungry. He had just had rice and some snacks for dinner, so I didn’t expect him to be that hungry. He sure was. Ben ate the better part of two donuts that Jet had bought and three full slices of bread. I had never seen Ben eat one slice of bread before, and here he ate three. It reminded me of Jet always worrying about me in Thailand not “eating enough bread” and “missing food from home”. That was never the case for me, but I just wondered if Ben really did miss eating bread after almost a month of Thai food.


3 Responses to “That Sucked”

  1. Linda and Donald Says:

    Paw Paw and I looked at the pictures together and Paw Paw said it looks like Ben has grown a foot. All the pictures are great! Especially the ones of Ben with the girls. Don’t feel bad about the hot dog episode, we’ve all done some pretty stupid things. I just worry about what eating plastic could do to your body! Be careful! It’s still raining on us. Hopefully it will be done by next weekend. Miss you guys.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Hi Andy,
    Yuck! Yes, we all have our moments to shine.
    Megan is getting so smart – just thought that I would share a Megan story. We were driving home from somewhere and Megan asks “will we have to leave our home?” I said, “probably not, why?” She replied “Well, Daddy could move into the basement, and Michaela could sleep in your room, and Christi could sleep in my room!”
    Wow! she had it all figured out.
    Side note – the clicking in your jaw is probably some slight TMJ. Most Chriopractors can help with that. (I had some problems and our Chrio. cleared it up.)
    Any news on the house yet?
    Love Ya,

  3. Kristin Says:

    As long as we are sharing stories here is a dad story. Yesterday I needed dad to come over at 7am so I could go to work. Will is still not doing the best so dad has stepped in as Sam’s buddy. He has done this a couple times in the last few weeks so he knows the drill. I had the boys clothes out, Sam fed and dressed and the boys had eaten. Easy right? Make sure the boys get their clothes on and are out the door by 8:15 so they can be taken to school. I called dad to find out how the morning went at around 10am. Apparently Ty’s pants were too big for him, he had to dress nice as his class was going to the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. So dad sent him up to get a diffrent pair of pants. Dad didn’t notice till Ty was walking out he door that he was wearing black sweat pants! I asked why he didn’t change him to which dad replied “He looked fine”. So you mean to tell me you sent him on a field trip wearing a dress shirt, dress shoes and socks and sweatpants. To which dad replied “Yes, I guess I did”. THe thing is it never occured to him to put a belt on Ty to fix the problem. Oh boy.
    I called Nanette (who takes the boys to school) and asked how bad it looked. She replied ” I couldn’t really notice, but I was wondering why you sent Josh to school in shorts since it was 50 degrees out and raining” I informed her I had set out pants for Josh and he must have changed it. I asked dad and he said “That what he said he wanted to wear”. Oh boy!
    Then to top off dad’s day: Bryon comes home from work and sees dad’s van in the driveway with the door left open. He lloks in and sees Sam sleepin in her carseat. He goes inside and dad is sleeping on the couch with the TV on. Bryon went out and got Sam, dad woke up and asked why Bryon brought Sam in, she was sleeping just fine. Oh boy.
    Gotta love him, he keeps us on our toes.
    You guys missed a good time Memorial Day. We had a nice party with pulled pork (thanks to Sandy and Matt), Brats, potato salad, pasta salsd, and some unbelivable desserts (thanks Maggie and Sandy). Aunt Sue, Jeff and Renee cam over to celebrate. Next year right.
    Well I goota put Sam down for a nap and watch the Brewers. They aren’t as much fun to watch lately. But I still have hope.
    Hope you guys are having fun. Miss you lots.

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