I just finished my last class for the week and I am feeling a little worn down.  I didn’t have any trouble with my wisdom tooth, although I still have to getthe stitches taken out tomorrow (Saturday), but I did catch a cold that I have been battling for most of the week.  Ben is the only person that I have been in contact with during that time that has also had a cold, so I am pretty sure that I caught it from him.  Jet flew into Bangkok late on Wednesday and stayed with her friends overnight, then arrived by me yesterday (Thursday) morning and we spent the day preparing for classes.  Jet will have her first class in just over a week, so she is really putting “pen to paper” to complete her final study plans.  We did not do much anything else as I was not feeling that well, but we did stop by “The Pizza Company” at the mall to eat pizza for dinner, which was a nice change of pace from our usual Thai food.  Jet spent this morning continuing working on her class while I was teaching and is now out shopping for another outfit or two to wear when she does teach.  Jet will leave back to Phitsanulok this evening to join back up with her mom and Ben – I will stay here in Bangkok because I need my stitches taken out of my mouth and have work to do.

I was invited to the “Freshman Orientation” welcome next weekend for all new MBA students, which will be held at the Royal Cliff beach resort in Pattaya.  I was invited to go last year as well, but since I taught an executive-MBA class on Saturdays then, I had to decline.  I have accepted this opportunity as it does look like it will be a good time, but hopefully Jet, her mom, and Ben will be able to accompany me.  This should be a good break as it will be at the end of my first class and just before the start of my second class that I will teach while here in Thailand.  Jet’s uncle called on Thursday and invited us to come see him up in Chiang Rai (northern Thailand, next to the Burmese border) before we return to the US, so we may be planning a trip there in another week or so.

Jet has been talking to her mom about how she has been able to handle Ben on her own.  Apparently, things have been going very well for her as Ben has rarely called for Jet and has been in a good mood.  The one funny story that Jet told me was how her mom has been able to put Ben down to sleep for a nap or for the night, which is something that before she could not accomplish.  Jet said that her mom will tell Ben that there is a big, scary cat downstairs that will get him, which freaks Ben out.  Ben will then hold on to Jet’s mom tight and fall asleep.  Jet said that this is a common tactic that parents use in Thailand.  Whatever works.


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