Back From Pattaya

(This original post was deleted for some reason, sorry!)  We traveled from Phitsanulok to Bangkok on Friday night after Jet’s Grandmother’s funeral had completed.  We got back late at 11:00pm and had to leave early the next morning (6:00am) for the ABAC Hua Mak campus so that we could catch the bus bound for Pattaya for the MBA freshman orientation.  I will talk about this trip more in the next day or so and share some pictures (and video) of what went on, but it was a very busy, but enjoyable time for Jet and me.  We both met several other faculty members, I got to participate in my first “Bai See” ceremony (a traditional Thai ceremony where students ask faculty for their blessings – faculty give good wishes to students), and had plenty of amazing food to eat.  This was a five star hotel right on the beach (10,000 baht or $300/night), but Jet and I did not pack any swimsuits or leisure clothes, so we were a bit unprepared to have a “good time”.  During a break in the afternoon on Saturday, Jet and I walked around some of the shopping malls to do some shopping before it was time for dinner.  The food for dinner was simply amazing (as it was for every other meal) as there were several Thai and Japanese appetizers, followed by all of the steak, lobster, fish, lamb, pork, sausage, chicken, and dessert that you could eat.  There was karaoke in front of all of the students and faculty that remained (many had left to go out partying on the town), which I was lured into singing some JD (John Denver) “Country Roads”. 

After breakfast followed not long after by lunch, our bus headed back to the ABAC Hua Mak campus at 1:00pm.  When we arrived, Jet and I quickly checked e-mail before we planned to head back to our condo.  While on the bus ride back to the Hua Mak campus, Jet talked about going shopping in the afternoon/evening at the “JJ” shopping mall, to which I agreed.  As we were waiting for a taxi, Father Joesph, a priest from Vietnam that I became good friends with last year spotted me and came over to talk.  Moments earlier, I had just talked about him with Jet as we passed a restaurant that Father Joseph and I frequented several times last year.  As it turned out, Father Joesph had graduated with his psychology degree from ABAC a few months ago and had just returned to Bangkok for a couple weeks for a vacation.  As we were still waiting for a taxi, Father Joseph mentioned that he was planning on taking a taxi to go shopping at the “JJ” shopping mall as well.  Amazing.  Jet and I just happened to be at the street corner when he was passing by.  I had no idea that he was back in Bangkok.  And of all of the shopping malls in Bangkok, he planned to go to the very mall that Jet had wanted to go to.  This had to be more than a coincidence.  We had a good time shopping and talking (Jet doing most of the shopping while Father Joesph and I did the talking) and had dinner together nearby our condo before saying goodbye.

Ben has been good these few days since both Jet and I have been without him.  Jet’s Mother had said that she has not had to use the portable DVD player to capture his attention as she has had lots of time to play with him and take him around town.  Every day that Ben goes to daycare/pre-school, his instructors comment about his day in a notebook that we pack in his school bag.  Jet told me that on Friday, the instructor had written that Ben ate a lot of food for lunch, that he joined several class members in dancing, and that the class had learned how to say and use the word “Sorry” in Thai (“Khor Thot”).  In the instructors notes, it stated that Ben would only say, “No, sorry”, I guess either to correct the instructor or flatly insist in only saying “Sorry” in English.  I guess that stubbornness comes from me.


2 Responses to “Back From Pattaya”

  1. Kristin Says:

    I’ll bite, where is the post?

  2. Julie Schoening Says:

    So, where is the video of Country Roads?

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