With Aunt Sue mentioning that she might be included in another PSA (thanks for commenting!) and the news of Michael Jackson that has dominated the news online today, I got to thinking about celebrities here in Thailand, which is something that I have not talked much about so far. Sure, I did mention about my current student who is a singer in a Thai boy band, but there are fashion shows that happen almost weekly outside in front of the shopping mall, there are celebrity sightings that happen almost weekly (Jet points them out to me) as they do press conferences here in the shopping mall. The funniest one was just on Tuesday, we passed a Thai actress giving an interview to a handful of news cameras in front of the elevators we take to get to ABAC every morning. It was funny for two reasons, 1) it was in a cramped hallway literally in front of our elevators – Jet and I had to squeeze past the actress and the news media people (and got in some of the video shots I am sure) to get on the elevator, and 2) the actresses nickname (all Thai’s have one) is Pancake. We will occasionally walk by or see video likely being taken for one of the TV mini-series/soap operas that show every night on local TV in Thailand. And just yesterday, Jet and I were walking to the MBK to do some shopping when we walked passed what appeared to be an Indian film crew shooting a music video. You just never know what you will pass on the streets or see in the area I am currently living and working around. Back to Michael Jackson (sorry for including you and him in the same sentence, Aunt Sue!), it was amazing to wake up at 6:00am and it being all over CNN, BBC, and FoxNews only a few hours (or even minutes, I guess) after he was pronounced dead. I heard some reporters comment about “what the world will think when they wake up tomorrow”. I found that pretty funny since I was likely finding out the news before most Americans – and I am halfway across the world! Besides, does the world ever sleep any more?


2 Responses to “Celebrity”

  1. Linda and Donald Says:

    News travels fast. We were in Sears waiting at the checkout in the automotive department and three people there had already heard about Michael Jackson. It was between 5:30 and 6:00 PM. They said it had been just minutes before. Have you started packing to come home yet?
    By the way, has anyone mistaken you for a certain very popular actor on this trip? Confess.

  2. sweethomealabama Says:

    Just a follow-up to the post … no, surprisingly I have NOT received a comment regarding any semblance to a particular actor. I am both relieved and, somehow, disappointed. Am I getting older. Putting on a few too many pounds? What gives? Maybe the students have just kept their comments to themselves. There are often concerts in front of the mall, but the one held last night really set the bar. Jet had heard that a popular Korean band (boy band, I assume) was going to perform, and people began showing up hours in advance to get good seats/standing spots. When the concert finally began at around 7:00pm (I was back at the condo working, Jet was out getting a massage), there was a huge mass of girls screaming that lasted (no exaggeration) for five minutes! Just thought that this would make a nice addition to my “celebrity” post.

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