Surprise Visit

Since Jet took cooking classes in Bangkok this weekend instead of traveling to Phitsanulok to be with Ben, Jet’s Mom surprised us by driving down to Bangkok with Ben to spend a few days with us. They arrived on Saturday evening, after I had finished doing work at ABAC and Jet had finished her cooking classes, and we spent some time at Jet’s Mom’s condo and at the MBK shopping mall. Kristin mentioned in a previous comment that Sam liked seeing videos of Ben. Well, I took a few more videos of Ben over the weekend to share! The first one is when Ben first arrived at Jet’s Mom’s condo and of him singing, dancing, bouncing, and doing everything else that makes him quite a handful! The second video are a couple of short clips taken at the MBK shopping mall. The first part is of my favorite dessert in Thailand – it is a clump of marshmellow cream wrapped in a wafer. There are other variations you can get (with dried pork, raisins, etc.), but my favorite is just the cream and the wafer. The price for this treat? 10 baht (about a quarter). The last video is one taken on Sunday morning when there were people washing the road. I am rarely around the condo that I am staying at in Bangkok on Sunday mornings, but every time I see people scrubbing the road, I always just shake my head in disbelief.

Jet had the great idea on Sunday to travel to Bangkok’s “Dream World”, which is an amusement park similar to six flags, and was a place that I had never been before. Ben had a great time on some of the rides (well, all except one), seeing the elephants (but not getting too close to them), and running around (until we had to catch him before he got into trouble). Just to follow-up on the ride that Ben didn’t like, there was a “crazy bus” ride that circled up and down, and after a couple of cycles, Jet shouted out to the ride operator to stop the ride because Ben was about to lose it. The ride operator was kind and did stop the ride to let Jet and Ben off. Over and over throughout the day, Ben would always answer that he had so much fun. When we were in the car leaving, Ben said that his favorite ride was the one where he got to paddle in a canoe. What a lot of fun that trip turned out to be … and the only ride I went on was the sky-glide! I split the vidoes I took for this trip into two; the first video covers the first rides Ben went on and did, the second video covers the rest of the rides and a trip to a friend’s house of Jet’s mother. It was raining out by then, so Ben went playing with a Thai boy in some of the collecting rain water – the way Thai boys play in the rain. Speaking of rain, after mentioning that it had been dry for the past two weeks, these past few days we have had some big downpours and storms come through. The storms last for about an hour or so, but we have had about 6 since Saturday night. Jet’s Mom stayed in Bangkok until after lunch today (Monday), so we had breakfast together, Ben came to see all of our students and the administrators, and we all enjoyed lunch together. What a great time it was seeing Ben this weekend. Today is Jet and my “official” Thai anniversary (remember, we were married in the Milwaukee courthouse in April first), so I could not think of any better way to celebrate 6 years together than having Ben around.


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